Tips on Research Essay Writing

Any online research essay example will show you that this type of assignment consists of several integral parts. One thing you’re supposed to remember is that there are no hard-and-fast writing rules related to the order in which all the mentioned sections should be placed (except for the conclusion at the end of the essay and intro at the very beginning of it). Moreover, there are no rules on how big each content section should be and the amount of space every essay part should take up.

Introductive Essay Part

This text segment introduces your target audience to the essay topic. In other words, you’re just setting the tone to the body of the paper with a hooking illustration, anecdote or something interesting or important that hooks the attention of the reader and absolutely focuses it on the topic you work on. If you take a look at essay writing examples, you will see that some authors give preference to providing vital data or solid background to the essay topic. Remember, the way you give impulse to your paper is usually just a matter of your own taste. One way to deal with an introductive section is to investigate the other essayists’ works (especially the ones you admire!) and carefully emulate them. A lot of students find it way easier to develop the introduction after they have already coped with the body paragraphs; others prefer to work on the essay introduction first thing. It’s up to you to decide – you have to work as your instincts guide you.

Statement of the Essay Thesis

Commonly, this part of the research essay appears within an introductive section. Make sure to provide a straightforward, comprehensive and clear thesis, and in case you make it complex, it is successful to provide a general thesis statement in a short simple sentence, supported by several additional sentences that are used to detail, explain and build upon the thesis. Still, it is recommended to remember that if you fail to provide your thesis statement in a few words, you may be in need to carefully think about what you’re going to discuss in your project.

The Body of the Research Essay

This part of academic writing may involve several paragraphs each focused on a single idea to back up the thesis you have stated in the introduction. Make certain to start each of the paragraphs with topic sentences, back up assertions with solid evidence and develop your ideas in the most comprehensive and sensible way. Chat with your reader as if he/she is sitting right next to you.

Research Essay Summarization

This is the part of the text where you should simply draw your project to a close. Normally, the sum-up section of the essay is used to restate the thesis and together with that go over the argument you mentioned to back it up. To say more, you may wish to highlight other directions for further research on the subject and make sure you’ve done your best to research the issue.