The Complete Dummies Guidance for the Research Writing

Before you start getting into the recommendations provided below, remember – no need to deal with every step at once (if you have enough time, of course!). Just space them for, let’s say 5 days and thus, you will have ample time to cope with an assignment and won’t have to approach your friends with annoying “please, write my research paper for me!”.

Day I

This is the day when you’re supposed to generate a tentative thesis statement for the research paper that is based on the following aspects: narrowing your subject down to the scope you can work with, pointing out something significant, providing a debatable viewpoint. Done with that? Now you’re about to sit down with a piece of paper in your hands and spend not more than 10 minutes on every of the following processes: brainstorming, listing key facts, quick free writing, posing questions and journal writing.

Day II

It’s time to proceed to the next step in the research paper writing – searching for the related information throughout the online library and then printing it out (make certain to have 10 sources at your personal disposal!).


Keep calm for 30 minutes and then start writing. Imagine you’re working on the informal letter to the pal of yours, in which you inform them about your topic, what you know about it and why you’ve got this or that viewpoint related to it. Grammar, punctuation and style of writing at this point of work are just left behind – you are to generate complete sentences. Once you’re done with that – time to put your letter aside comes!

Pick your favorite research paper information sources. Make certain to be able to summarize every article before you quote its content. Let’s say, you dedicate your paper to the future progress in medicine and possible replacement of all the surgeons by high-intellectual robots. Produce a thesis statement, which is used to put forth all your viewpoints related to your thought about to what extent robots will be able to replace surgeons. Make sure to back up your argument with proper reference taken from the information sources you have studied (television, books, articles, films, etc.) or true-life examples from your own experience.

Day IV

Read and re-read the letter you have accomplished for your imaginary friend and the prompt response you’ve provided above in order to break your topic down into several 3-page sections. Make sure to develop the evocative and hooking titles for every section. Take a look at the ones provided below:

– Are the Robots Surgeons – just utopia?

– Advantages of the Robot-based Medicine

– The Difference Between the Robot’s Functioning and A Human Being Professionalism

– What Would I Do Instead if an Artificial Intelligence Could Accomplish This Project?

Put all the tiles that come to your mind aside.

Day V

Generate an outline in order to organize your research paper the best way possible. No need to make use of the title sections yet. Make an effort to get by without using them in order to find out what you can do on your own.

Put your quotes, the prewriting, the letter, the source summaries together with the synthesis paper tight into one document. Make sure to move the content using the method of copy-pasting in order to replace it throughout the paper until you see that your research paper is organized in accordance with the outline. Make certain to fill in all blanks that pop up in the process so that the document reads like a well-developed and logically ordered project. Edit and check your research paper for grammar errors and content misinterpretations.

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