8 Signs That Help a Teacher Determine Your Understanding of the Issue

It is never enough just to hand in your research work and get your grade. A well-written paper is a half work done. What is really essential on your way of getting a high grade and praise from a professor is showing that you know the topic and can deal with any pitfalls. Those, who have already graduated and worked on dozens of various written assignments, assure that there are certain signs that help a qualified teacher to figure out whether a student understands the issue or not. What are they? One may say that each one has his/her own. However, there is a set of common ones for any educator.

1.  Own Thoughts

It is not enough to put your ideas on paper. You are to be able to talk about them with a professor and prove why they have the right to be.

2.  Presentation Type

The one, who was working on a piece themselves, knows the material pretty well and needs no paper to read from it. He/she presents the issue in own words to make it clear to others.

3.  Use of Synonyms and Antonyms

During the research, a student has enriched the vocabulary greatly. But can he/she really use all those new and complicated words? If yes, then the hard work deserves a high grade.

4.  Giving Definitions and Examples

Statistics and facts are good. But only the one, who gives examples and definitions that make complicated things clearer, is the one, who had done a really great work.

5.  Personal Responses

A theoretical part of the written assignment shows how many sources were used and how helpful they were. But the practical one is a student’s response to what is studied: Does he/she agree? What influence may it have? How should it be changed?

6.  Pictures and Realia

It is useful for a student to give more than nude facts. When there are illustrations, pictures, PowerPoint presentations, a teacher realizes that a researcher knows the issue pretty well.

7.  Usefulness

Any college or university assignment topic is chosen due to one characteristic only — usefulness. And the question is whether a student did everything possible to show how useful his/her subject could be.

8.  Ability to Answer Any Question on a Topic

Teachers surely ask questions after the topic is presented. If a student feels and looks confident, ready not only to agree but also to oppose, it is a sign of a good issue understanding.

These signs are helpful not only to a teacher solely. If you know them all, it will be easier for you to get ready for a research work presentation better. When making others acquainted with the facts and ideas, you will know what a professor expects and what means or words can show you as a good researcher, A-deserving student, and the one, who knows the issue inside and out.