Sample Essay on Taliban Regime in Act

talibanWhen the conversation flips to the term ‘Taliban’, the question is about a special Extremist group that was at first dedicated to prevent the invasion of Soviets in Pakistan. It is known that during the 80’s more than 100 000 Afghans were successfully trained with Inter Service Intelligence of Pakistan. The militia group was recognized greatly since the moment of its creation and up to the times, when it became an integral part of the government. After 2004, this Fundamentalist group has transformed into an insurgency.

Militia – the Beginning

From the very start, The Taliban was created in Afghanistan, in the times of the Soviet War. In the beginning, the Taliban group included up to fifty refugee students. They were dedicated to fighting against the injustice in their motherland. In a few months after the group was created, 15 000 individuals decided to join the movement. Altogether they took control over one more province that was out of the government’s control. The very moment the Islamic State’s Defense Minister forces successfully defeated the rest of the opposing forces, the end of the civil war approached and the movement received an invitation to the consolidation process. Needless to say, the invitation was declined. This, in turn, caused even more instability. By 1996, after the Minister of Defense’s defeat, Afghanistan Islamic Emirate was established.

As the Taliban was turning into a real political force behind the government, it was still engaged in training and fighting against the opponents with Pakistan and ISI logistical and military support. Civil war was in the process. During that time, insurgents were opposed to Taliban groups that fought against Pakistan nationals, Al-Qaeda radicals and Afghan students. Things began to change in a negative way in 2000, when the representatives of International Organizations started to intervene. The Security Council of the UN decided to ban arms in order to avoid military support and promulgated its excessive distress regarding the non-Afghan nationals’ involvement in this militia. That’s when Intelligence Services of Britain asserted that ISI played a crucial role in the training camps of Al-Qaeda, that proved to be Taliban-related after the tragedy of 9/11.         

After the tragic events of 9/11, the USA led a NATO invasion into the territory of Pakistan in order to remove Taliban from power as well as place the leaders of Al-Qaeda into custody.  Having been strictly refused, this caused a serious armed conflict with the USA military occupation in Afghanistan, as well as the downfall of the government that was Taliban oriented.

After all the events described above, the members of this insurgent group made a decision to go back to its roots. At the moment, the group is taking responsibility for many tragic deaths among both – military and civil people.