Sample Essay “Syrian Refugees Soon in the US”

refugees syriaThe ongoing Syrian refugee crisis took its toll both on displaced and the countries receiving them. Some political experts argue that by waging its war on terrorism America, voluntarily or not, had started the avalanche that led to the uprising of ISIS. Nowadays the United States, fortifying their presence in Iraq, are preparing yet another measure to help resolve the disaster. America is going to accept 10 000 new Syrian immigrants within its borders in 2016 fiscal year.

Having a long history of battles against illegal immigration the US have been deliberate about giving refuge specifically to Syrians with only 1 500 people accepted thus far. Both current and planned numbers can’t compare with the sacrifices European countries make. Germany alone accepted 800 000 refugees and has plans to make room for another 500 000 in 2016. Already, within the Democratic Party there has been a lot of talk about budging for another 65 000 and even 100 000 behind closed doors.

Some argue that Syrians are not exactly the best candidates for the US citizenship with many negative factors contributing. Be it that they don’t speak English or that they are not positively motivated to be integrated into the nation. Also ISIS has already made threats to mingle within waves of refugees who are mostly Christian but with large Islamic segments. Obviously, a lot of people blame America for policing the world and for the war. There are a lot of reasons for the USA to be cautious.

The main reason that only 10 000 refugees are being allowed into the US is probably the thorough background check rather than the expenses, as considerable funds have already been poured into the matter. For one person the process takes from 18 to 24 months. Homeland Security personnel goes abroad to interview and verify that the candidate is stating the truth and is not a criminal.

Some feel that immigration from Syria is not drastically different from any other previous. Looking back at the history of specifically Syrian immigration to US, 1880s saw the first prominent wave of refugees. Nowadays Syrians are 8% from almost a million of immigrants from Africa and Middle East. They have predominantly settled in LA and NY metropolitan areas which will likely be preferable destinations for newcomers.

There is some great potential for Christian groups to help their brethren among Syrians. Significant support from donor groups has already been seen so far. A fraction of Syrian immigrants had settled in Seattle and Arizona. They have already felt the support of charity.

In the end, this is not the first huge and disconcerting immigration of refugees, potentially hostile towards America. After the horrors of war many Vietnamese have been accepted to become a part of the US nation. The history showed that they’ve become valuable and productive members of society who made a serious contribution to the country. It is now important to make a decision that the entire nation will not be ashamed of, looking into the future.


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