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Economy Gets a Second Wind, Not Education Budget Though

college credit and debit cardsImagine yourself a college freshman, who starts his first academic year at, let’s say. the Public East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. If you entered the university in 2012, you definitely faced all consequences of the budget cutting period. That was the time, when Pennsylvania was in the middle of 7 years of budget cutting for the higher education budget segment.

So, between the time you applied and the moment you enrolled, the tuition in the state went up to 7,5%, while the prices were getting higher and higher. You were the first in your family to enter the college, which is why you kept working part time and also commuting directly from home since it wasn’t that expensive. Your parents were helping you saving some funds from their salaries. Your parents say that was worth it – for their child to become the student government vice president, the editor of the college newspaper and tell a brilliant speech in May. However, before you did that, you were definitely among the students begging for the cuts to stop in the capital. By 2015, the state had cut public universities funding by $3,76 per full-time student, providing its students with only 2/3 of the national average of what the United States contribute to the sector of higher education. From the beginning of the recession, the public universities tuition has reached almost $2000.

Whether the arguments were heard or not, Pennsylvania authorities really raised the higher education budget by 2,5%, for the period from 2016-2017. However, that’s not enough to reach the 33% the state has cut since 2008.

Funds Deficit & the Balanced Budget Threatening the Higher Ed

Unfortunately, this state is not the only one, where the area of higher education is still extremely down since recession start. As the economy rebounds, Pennsylvania’s spending on higher education does not seem to bounce back. Moreover, in some parts of the US more and more funds provided for the public colleges and universities are actually going to the areas such as employee pensions. Historically, higher education has been the area with the balancing budgets. That’s because this segment has the other source of revenue called tuition. It is the only budget area, where costs can be easily pushed on directly to the end user. And exactly that is what a lot of American states are still doing. The amount college and universities students have been asked to contribute to the universities and colleges running cost more than doubled – up to 47%, during the period from 1987 to 2012. Nonetheless, it hasn’t stopped educational establishments from trimming what college and university students receive for their money.

A Sign of Hope in Hard Economic Times?

In Pennsylvania, 70% of college and university students now leave their alma mater with the average debt of $33 264, which is higher than the national average at the level of $29 000.

Still, some students see the signs of hope. For instance, state investments in public colleges and universities have at least beaten the level that was at the lowest point in 2012. However, given “the sufficient disinvestment” during the period from 2008 to 2014, it’s impossible to say what they will do when the next recession occurs. Continue reading

Communicating Science Beyond Academic Field: Reaching Out to the Masses

communicating science Science and the ways it achieves financing is evolving by leaps. A lab, which works on Delphic research and publishes its results in Delphic scientific magazines will find financing, attract new qualified students and cooperate with other labs. Today it is much more challenging to get an essential support from the university than ever before.

Finding a Proper Strategy

Usually funding agencies and government need to know everything about the applied research, that’s why communicating science further than fellow academics is a required skill and an important activity. At the same time, this activity takes much competence and energy, so it could be a real challenge for a young scientist to allocate his or her resources and time efficiently. However, a strong strategy can help to accept this challenge.

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GCE Scores Drop in England: Alarming Trend?

general certificate of education This year seems quite dramatic for pupils getting passes at General Certificate of Education. Their number has considerably fallen, though there was a huge number of students retaking the exams hoping to achieve a C. General Certificate of Education Grade results demonstrate that the amount of A-C grades has fallen 2.1%, which makes it the biggest decline since the introduction of the exams twenty five years ago.

The Alarming Trend

The falling grades in English, maths, languages and sciences are accompanied by a serious shakeup of policies in educational area during the last academic years.

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Business Class with Student Being The Boss

business for studentsThe new business simulation for students trend in higher education field binds theory and practise. During their study students have a possibility to compile a business plan, support individual and business bank accounts, trade online with other universities (without currency), work with coaches and take part in international and state competitions.

Smart Business Simulation

Virtual Enterprises, or simply VE, put emphasis on professional readiness. It is an international business simulator, which provides students with competitiveness through cooperative training and the improving of modern competency in enterprise, communication, world business, finances, technologies and problem solving. Continue reading

5 Ways Education Needs to Explore to Keep Up with the Shifting World

studyingHighly educated and intelligent people will always be the ones who rule the world. It will never be out of fashion to study and learn something new throughout your life. It’s never too late to get an education, even if you are in your late seventies, you can enroll at a college or at university and get a degree. Due to today’s sophisticated technologies and global changes not only people can get a a degree they want, but also study from home and have all their training materials on the Internet which is one of the new ways of education if you look at it. Below you can find five ways that education needs to explore to keep up with the shifting world.

Learn from Home

We would be more than surprised if two hundred years ago someone told us that we would be studying from home not even leaving our house. Due to one click or a simple hashtag we can find everything we want online. Famous sites such as MOOC, Coursera, Udasity, Edx, can help you to take any course you want and broaden your horizon. There are a lot of useful courses to take, but it has to be as a supplementary way of studying. Apart from this, visiting the lessons in a real time and communication with the teachers is very crucial. Continue reading

Are You Sure Your Teachers Can’t Punish You with a Slap?

corporal punishment in schoolsWhile the US society never stops debating over the abuse in high schools, one should remember that 19 American states still allow corporal punishment in public schools. According to the recent federal data analysis, on average one kid gets hit in a public school every thirty seconds in the USA.

Even though corporal punishment in schools is banned in thirty one state, there are some areas, where authorities still allow it: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Wyoming, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi. In some regions, the parental permission is required. And the truth is that it’s usually given. As a rule, it’s more typical of the state of Texas, being less prevalent in Wyoming. The last state among those leaving the practice behind was New Mexico. Continue reading

6 Grammar Myths That Do Not Need to Exist

actually caresWhen the conversation flips to the English language, grammar is what usually causes a severe headache among students, especially the ones, who aren’t native speakers. They suffer badly to make their language next to perfect and greedily learn all possible grammar rules. If you’re one of them, there is some good news for you. Some of so-called errors can be skipped since they do not actually exist! That’s right. Let’s take a closer look at the typical grammar ‘unicorns.’ Continue reading

5 Benefits of Homeschooling

help with homeworkWhen homeschooling moms begin to openly talk about the advantages of not putting the little ones in real school, some of the comments may sound like, ‘You’re totally crazy!’ or ‘How do you even do that?’ This article will serve as some sort of a moderate response to all those skeptics not aware of all homeschooling advantages.   

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7 Myths about Case Studies

case study buttonCase studies are widely used in business and social sciences text books. Besides, some of the most influential companies make use of case studies in order to market information and products. If you still have some doubts about whether or not it’s a good idea to spend your precious time and funds on creating case studies, read through the top seven myths that are commonly can keep one from using them. Continue reading

When It Is Time to Purchase Application Essay?

Hellish competition to be accepted into a university is getting harder and harder with every passing year… So, how can you stand out from the humble crowd in order to successfully get accepted into the educational establishment and get over other potential applicants? Your best opportunity to be accepted is by means of application essay writing that will touch the committee representatives’ hearts. One of the points is to turn your brain on and generate the paper on your own. In case you’re skilled enough to complete a unique application essay and make it compelling enough – get started! In case you think that decision to write an application essay will hardly lead to any positive results, make certain to order the assignment online. Continue reading