Step-by-Step Recommendation on High School Essay Writing

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I. Identify the essay topic

The first step in any type of essay writing is to understand what you’re supposed to deal with. For a history essay this may be analysis for some causes and effects of a particular even in the world history, while the English essay writing may involve describing aspects of love in one of the classic masterpieces.

II. Work out a thesis statement

Working on a solid and comprehensive thesis statement requires time and practice, and varies for every subject. Remember, every high school instructor will have different requirements and expectation for a thesis statement, but there’s one basic rule for you to stick to – never make use of a parameter once you develop your thesis.

III. Put down an introductive section

As a rule, the second line of the introduction segment is where the thesis statement should be provided. The first sentence of the essay introduction will depend on what class it is for. No need to get in too many details – your number one task is to hook your reader with a thought-provoking idea of a funny anecdote.

IV. Write your body, form a conclusion

Separate this section of your paper into several paragraphs each dedicated to a different argument. Make sure to support each point with solid back-up facts. It is advisable to provide the link sentence at the end of each paragraph to logically connect it with the following paragraph. Once you proceed to the conclusion section, remember that it is pretty similar to the introduction – it should be brief and to the point. You’re required to restate the statement of your thesis and all the body points, leaving your readers with considerable food for thought. When the job is done, put your essay behind for several hours or even days. Later get back to what you have written and re-read it to find all possible errors and fix them at once.