4 Special Offers of Custom Writing Services You Can’t Miss

Addressing to custom writing companies doesn’t come off cheap. Why? Well, if you use the services of really high-quality agencies, you get profound papers with good content and no plagiarism. How do they exactly reach that level? They hire competent writers with relevant experience and, consequently, pay them decent salaries. What is more, such companies also employ customer service and different managers who keep an eye on the whole process of delivering an academic paper.

Sounds complicated, huh? It certainly is because custom writing agencies are in great competition nowadays. That’s why they have to create a good image online and provide services of high quality to get clients and earn income. And of course, they have some special offers that you need to know about if you want to save some dough.

1.  Discounts at Low Season

This information is not official, but whenever you order a paper during summer or after the semester is over, the price will likely be much lower than if you order in November-December or April-May. This is all connected with the low season when companies have few orders and grab any gig they can get. So, you can use this opportunity and complete some assignments that you already have for the next semester. Or, if you’re writing something like dissertation or PhD, this is a perfect time to order it.

2.  Categories of Writers

There are usually 3 categories of writers in the company: Best Available, Advanced, and Natives. Two latter ones add up 20-30% to the overall cost of the paper if you choose them. But the thing is that the Best Available category is neither worse nor less competent. There also can be native writers who just don’t have enough experience in the academic sphere but can produce essays or research papers on the same level with the Advanced ones. There are non-native specialists as well, but that doesn’t mean that they will produce assignments of low quality. If the writing company you order from has a good reputation, you can be sure that any employer on their staff is a professional.

3.  Free Revisions

This is far the most beneficial offer in the writing agencies’ array of services. It works like this – you place an order, and when you get the draft or final variant (doesn’t matter), you can ask the assigned writer to revise the paper as many times as you need if it doesn’t meet your original requirements. You can follow this procedure up until you approve the order. After that, you have only 7-14 days to request an additional revision. And you need to remember that when you demand your writer to change something, these alterations should match with your original instructions.

4.  Free Plagiarism Checker

In case you wish to make sure that the academic paper you receive is 100% original, the majority of custom writing services have free plagiarism checkers on their website. This will help you feel on the safe side and confirm once again for yourself that you’ve got an assignment that was worth your money.

Find out more about the services of writing agencies not to miss out on their special offers! Take the most out of this experience.