Simple “How-To’s” on Essay Topic Choosing

One of most difficult tasks students face while dealing with essay writing assignment is picking the most suitable topics for essays in English, Criminology, Biology or whatever. Whether you’re assigned with the task to accomplish a book report or a personal essay, it is highly important to start the whole process by reading the essay writing instructions carefully. Once you’re fully aware of what the college tutor is waiting for – time to play with the English essay writing examples of the topics has come!

Start with the Things You Know

Never stick to the essay topics in English, Sociology, Literature or any other discipline you know nothing about. Make sure to work on the subject you are passionate about. Moreover, you have to choose the paper topic while having a sense of examination about it. Once you get started, you will be doing something that is called topic exploring. This will make it more attention-grabbing for your readers too.


This process is known as “brainstorming”. You must put down a huge list of essay topics you feel like writing about. No need to make any sort of judgments as your proceed with it. Feel free to write anything that pops up in your mind. Nothing is off the topic! Actually you should take a piece of paper to do that. The thing is that just pondering over the topic is not enough for the reason that you will definitely get distracted on whatever or whoever is around you.

Ask Yourself a Set of Questions

Give preference to a number of essay topics from your brainstorming list and get a new piece of paper to write down all questions related to the topics on it. Is there something you’d like to know about them? Maybe, something grabs your attention? Make certain to approach every potential essay topic being absolutely inquisitive. Just pretend that you’re an 8-year-old boy who is wondering about the things that are happening around him.


When you deal with this step of writing, you should already have 2-3 topics you feel curious to write about. Pick 1-2 of them and make sure to spend 5-7 minutes on freewriting on every topic.

This simple method is also known among the essayists as fastwriting and, moreover, it’s a wonderful technique to get your every thought ordered on paper. The process requires you to quickly write without thinking. All you have to do is to put your pen on a piece of paper and carefully write about anything you can dig out of your mind. In case you’re gone far off the essay topic – no reasons to worry! Just flow where your mind is calling you!

Narrow Your Topic Down

Once you’re done with the brainstorming and freewriting – time to give preference to a particular topic! Carefully study the set of brainstorm ideas, questions and all your exercises of the freewriting process. Pick the paper topic that interests you the most and fits to the assignment you’ve got. When you finally make your decision, don’t forget to narrow your topic down in order to have it at the most workable level.

For instance, in case you give preference to the “Romeo & Juliette” topic, you most likely won’t be able to tackle the whole paper in a 3-5 page essay. You have to narrow down the essay topic you choose to, let’s say, “Aspects of Love and Hatred in “Romeo & Juliette” or “Compare & Contrast the Characters of Mercutio and Tybalt. Say Why Do They Hate Each Other?” The more efforts you exert to narrowing your topic down – the easier it will be to conduct a thorough and solid research and generate the top-notch essay.