Sample Essay on Dark0de: The Secret Market of Hacking Services

hackers ningun sistema esDark0de, the disreputable hacker forum and illegal internet malware marketplace, was arrested a few weeks ago by the US and European law enforcement agencies. Nonetheless, the cybercrime forum is now completely live and functions on the basis of a new domain actively promoting the range of new features and services.

Among the internet users, the Darkode is commonly known as the most creative internet criminal forum to date to trade and barter hacking botnets and malware, run spam attacks and so on. At the beginning of 2013, the Darkode came under a massive DDoS attack switching to the that is a member of the Stophaus campaign.

On the 15th July, at the moment of the takedown, 28 members of the cybercriminal community were taken under arrest. According to the words of the Sp3cial1st, the Darkode admin, most of the personnel is intact. He informs, all the raids were mainly focused on the new members of the Darkode team or individuals that have been retired for years already. At the moment, the web site offers a range of new changes that differ significantly from the old version of the web site and the forum. The sign-ups will stay invite-only, the Sp3cial1st confirmed. Moreover, he said those individuals, who remain active from the old version, will be the only users acquiring an invite. In other words, the new web site version of the cybercriminal marketplace will also become more secure.

Due to the fact that all members of the Darkode are now having their own onion address and the new format of the web site, the admins will have a greater control over who will get a direct access. This will prevent users from accessing the hacked account without the onion URL of the owner. Besides, this option will also give them an opportunity to monitor who views them through creating the so-called individual log file. Thus, all leakers can be quickly and easily weeded out.

Among the new features of the re-arranged web site the users will face the request to authenticate with their IDs of the Bitcoin wallet. To cope with it, they’ll have to use the Blockchain API. The process of authentication through the address of the Bitcoin wallet will serve as the barrier that will prevent scammers from accessing the web site.

The return of the cybercriminal hacker forum won’t be a surprise for the majority of internet users. Nonetheless, the quick revival merely weeks after the US-European sting operation claimed to shut it down, that resulted in more than 70 arrests, will definitely hook the law enforcement agencies attention. Together with the FBI agents they will certainly check out the rapid recall of the Darkode.


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