CRISPR Essay Sample: Genetic Gamechanger

crisprDuring the past few years gene researchers worldwide have elaborated a new technology which contributes to making certain modifications in the DNA. In comparison to prior methods of DNA alteration, the recent approach is much easier, faster and cheaper. Moreover it has more accuracy. The new technology is called CRISPR and has already changed the way of arranging basic research. The geneticists and medical researchers have got the new way of thinking about treating diseases.

CRISPR regards a distinctive organisation of DNA sequences, which are contained in the genomes of microorganisms. These sequences seem harmless, however, they form a core element of their immune systems, which is responsible for protection of an organism’s well-being and health. Bacterial cells, just like human ones, can be intruded by viruses that are infective agents. In this case the CRISPR system can repel the offensive: it destroys the genome of the intruding virus. That genome contains genetic material, which is needed to replicate the virus. In that way the CRISPR immune system defends microorganisms from spread of the virus. Continue reading

Essay Sample on the Progress of the Clean Energy

wind turbinesBy 2050 the world is going to use 50 percent more energy than it does today. It means that energy becomes more affordable and reliable, which leads to increase the quality of life. On the other hand about 1 billion people don’t feel this progress, because they still live without basic power services. These services run production and schools, light cities, move cars and trucks. Thanks to abundant energy the poverty rate has decreased twice during the last 25 years, millions of people have got the chance to enhance their lives.

In fact, the growing use of energy has disadvantages as well. Most of the energy is gained from fossil fuels, which lead to greenhouse gases and climate change. The only way to significantly lower carbon emissions is switching to sources that do not emit carbon.

Today we have the renewable technologies like solar and wind. They have been developed much and can be one option to a zero-carbon emitters. At the same time, a lot of various paths must be explored, which means that new approaches must be invented. Private firms will eventually improve these energy achievements, however, their work depends on different researches, which can be funded only by governments.
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