Are You Sure Your Teachers Can’t Punish You with a Slap?

corporal punishment in schoolsWhile the US society never stops debating over the abuse in high schools, one should remember that 19 American states still allow corporal punishment in public schools. According to the recent federal data analysis, on average one kid gets hit in a public school every thirty seconds in the USA.

Even though corporal punishment in schools is banned in thirty one state, there are some areas, where authorities still allow it: Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Wyoming, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi. In some regions, the parental permission is required. And the truth is that it’s usually given. As a rule, it’s more typical of the state of Texas, being less prevalent in Wyoming. The last state among those leaving the practice behind was New Mexico. Continue reading