SAT Answers Leak: Bad Break for SAT

child schoolSAT is a punctuation, spelling and grammar test that will be taken by children between the age of 10 and 11 in the UK has been uploaded on the web by a rogue marker. In recent weeks, that’s the second incident.

The test was prepared specially for almost 600 000 school pupils. But the problem is that both the test and the answers were published online on the site of the department’s contractor. The list of the words that children were supposed to spell popped up on the internet for a short period of time by mistake. Before the SAT answers leak, the answers have been there for several hours.

The representative of the DfE (Department of Education) the examination list was uploaded by mistake; however, it was accessible to the accredited markers only. But the fact is, someone else had shared the information with the online community which is definitely a deliberate act that had caused the SAT answers leak. At the moment, the situation is being investigated.

The DfE said only 93 official markers had an opportunity to access the tests, which is why the officials were searching the social media to make sure the wider leak had not appeared. Nick Gibb, the schools minister, said the an online user with access to the website leaked the test on the web, but the journalist did refused to publish it.

Pearson apologized for what has happened and mentioned it was the second incident in three weeks. Last month the education department’s testing agency uploaded the actual test paper mistakenly on the web.

This, in turn, casts a shadow on the ability of DfE to professionally manage the whole education system.  Moreover, the incidents like the ones mentioned above mean the work of thousands of school teachers, kids and their parents could be simply for nothing.

Last week moms and dads all over the country took their kids out of schools to sabotage the tests, as well as near 50 000 of them had signed a special petition in order to boycott the exams. The parents, who are involved in the campaign called ‘Let Our Kids Be Kids’, are absolutely sure their little ones are being totally overworked and that the school system of the United Kingdom places far too great of an emphasis on the school results. To add more, they believe their children do not get enough inspiration to study and to want to learn something new and as a result, be happy. The tests are extremely difficult, parents say. To add more, the teacher, who hasn’t been named, the school tests are simply turning the kids, who are not English native speakers, into some sort of aliens. One headmistress does her best to reassure the children that ‘people, who are making the tests, don’t know every little person the way their, teachers, do.’

The representatives of the government have said it is determined to boost the standards, and the school tests had reflected the curriculum that was more rigorous. However, the tests are not supposed to cause the stress among the school pupils.