When Rewriting is Necessary

Sometimes, when you receive an essay ordered from a writing service, you see that the job wasn’t done properly and some rewriting is needed. What should you do in such a situation?

Is It Worth Contacting the Service Again?

Try to evaluate how much rewriting is necessary. If there are some minor points you don’t like, it may be a better way out to do the rewriting on your own. Yes, you have paid your hard-earned money for this task, but your goal is not only to make the service do the job you have paid for, but to also receive an essay or another kind of written assignment that you will be able to submit as your own and get a good mark.

If there is not very much time left and if the changes to be made are negligible it is better to spend more time describing the necessary corrections and explaining them to the writer than to do the job on your own. And don’t forget that it is quite possible for a writer to get you wrong once again, thus prolonging the process of writing even more.

Try to Stay Online

Most often your writer will have no objections to your request for a little bit of rewriting – at least if the service’s policy accepts it at all. But sometimes the situation may turn out to be somewhat more problematic – the writer may refuse to help you due to this or that reason, or he may need additional instructions as to what exactly should be corrected, or there may arise a completely different problem – you never know which one until it happens.

That is why when you ask for a revision and rewriting it is better to stay online until the writer gets back to you and you discuss the issue. Once you have cleared out what has to be done, you may go about your business, but not before.

This Time, Give More Detailed Instructions

Chances are, the reasons you need rewriting in the first place is not because the writer did his job poorly, but because you have failed to describe what exactly you need as a result. If you suspect that mistakes may be your fault, try to write proper instructions at least this time. Rule out any possibilities of ambiguous interpretation of what you say. Don’t leave anything crucial for the writer to decide, at least if you don’t want to ask for revisions another time.

Don’t Procrastinate

If you see that some rewriting is in order, contact the service immediately and ask for rewriting/revision. Don’t waste a single minute – you have limited time until the deadline. What is even more important, your writer may turn out to be absent when you contact the service, which means that you lose even more time.

As you may see, rewriting is a tricky business, especially if you have to depend on someone to do it right. Which means that it is always better to try and make sure you don’t need it.