How to Write a Hotel Review

The task how to write a hotel review initially may puzzle, yet, the knowledge of its writing guide assists in making it as simple as informative. Sharing own experience is always a challenge due to the fact that a person has to be good at sifting the information, possess some basic descriptive skills, and, actually, be honest to him/herself and the possible readers. Still, knowledge of how to write a hotel review provides with an opportunity to give some consumer opinion that could help travelers to resolve their accommodation issue.

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Informational Content

To begin with, writing a hotel review is not a school composition where one needs to use as much figurative language as possible. One should definitely care about the informational content of the review, using only those facts that could be useful and applicable for the future reader. Making a remark that a hotel was “nice” is too subjective and less valuable than the information about its location, service, and facilities. Being specific and providing more details are extremely important for the credibility of the hotel review. It is important to include such facts that the reader will not be able to find on the website of the hotel. Such information as the distance from the hotel to the main attractions or the opportunity to move in with a pet will be evidently practical and useful for travelers. Continue reading