Guides on How to Write a Research Question

When dealing with research paper writing, the task of successfully getting started and providing a solid and clear thesis can turn to be pretty overwhelming. Nonetheless, if you know how to compose a good research question, the task to complete a research paper will become easier. When talking about a research question, one should remember that this element is an integral part of the number one step in the process of research paper writing. This very question is there to help you produce a solid thesis with specific and interesting focus. The research questions you come up with are an actual foundation for the whole project. Let’s take a closer look at a few simple tips on how to create an effective project.


How to Write a Research Question: Part I

Start with choosing the most suitable topic for your paper in case you haven’t already been informed about one. It is recommended to pick a broad topic so that you could later simply narrow it down in order to thoroughly investigate a more specific issue within the area. Put down a short list of all the topic-related questions that attract your attention and make your heart beat faster. Remember, if you’re interested in what you’re writing about it will make the writing process less exhausting. You’re not 100% familiar with the general research paper topic? Not a problem. Just do a little reading in order to get an idea of what issues are related to the subject.  Narrow down the list of all the questions that have popped up in your mind. Make sure to turn them into research questions that are not too general or too narrow (it depends on the length of the assignment you’re assigned with). Remember, you won’t find enough info on a question that will be too narrow. At the same time, a very broad topic will cause a lot of stress for it will yield too much relevant info.


How to Write a Research Question: Part II

Perform preliminary research to find enough info that is related to your question. Search engines will help you get a general overview of whether there’s enough sources available to answer your question. If you feel like there’s a decent amount of them, make sure to look for books and articles in a local library to have enough sources you can work with. Do not forget to refine your research question to provide it with a clear and straight focus that is based on the preliminary research you’ve conducted. If you take a look at any of the best research paper writing service reviews, you’ll see that online writing experts always give students the same advice: the more specific your research questions are, the easier it will be to write your research paper!