Sample Essay: Remembering Alan Rickman

remembering alan rickmanIf you consider yourself the biggest movie fan and you know what a good movie is, it goes without saying that you love Alan Rickman. He is an actor that our generation is proud of, better to say one of the most prominent British screen actors. Hollywood star Alan Rickman had a varied cancer and died at the age of 69. But the star of British film and theater left a great bunch of terrific big-screen performances!

Sense and Sensibility, 1995

By the logic of the gurus of Academy Award, this role was the one that Alan was most likely to get the Oscar for. Even though he didn’t, Alan Rickman is now known and praised as one of the most prominent working actors, who have never had the statuette.
In Ang Lee’s masterpiece Alan Rickman depicts the role of Colonel Brandon. The latter appears in a love triangle tied to Marianne and John Willoughby. And what a performance that Rickman delivers! We didn’t get used to seeing Alan in such a warm role, but the producer’s choice is definitely perfect. A brilliant performance indeed. Continue reading