Red-Hot Critical Essay Topics

A critical essay is usually based on the evaluation of various works of literature. Thus, you can say that the juiciest topics for this sort of essays are the ones that are associated with the detailed analysis of certain stories, novels, articles, books. It will definitely be a winning topic if you make a decision to write your essay on a story or a novel review, especially when you’re assigned with the assignment to work on the basis of world-known classic literary masterpiece. As an alternative, you’re free to pick a certain character you like the most from a literary work and develop it into the critical essay. Among the critical essay topics that are “in style” nowadays there are projects on such characters Frankenstein, Dracula, Hamlet, the Great Gatsby.

Social Issues Topics

In some way every person is affected by fashion trends. Critical essay project dedicated to an integral part of every person’s identity will make your paper hot!

Human factor in airline crashes would be one of the best choices for the critical essay. The human factor influence and its consequences together with the most appropriate way to solve the problem will make a perfect combination for a college project.

It is undeniable that illegal drugs are one of the “black holes” in modern society. You’re not required to solve the problem to the core, but your personal viewpoint on it will be truly appreciated and highly marked by your college tutor.


The critical essay written on child abuse will be an up-to-date stuff. Make sure to investigate the scheme of the high school teacher’s behavior in the perspective of child abuse.

The impact (positive or negative) of the auxiliary policy on the members of modern society is a broad area, where you have enough space to let all writing and analyzing skills out.


The Great Gatsby reveals the story about various ways how people face degradation and moral poverty. You’re to develop it in your own way to show the most significant sides of the society described by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The image of the evil and the innocence in famous Harper Lee’s masterpiece “To Kill a Mockingbird” is what you can dedicate your essay to. Try to resolve the confrontation of two eternal powers in the world – the evil and the good in Harper Lee’s “To kill a mockingbird”.

“True eternal love” in “Pride and Prejudice” written by Jane Austen is the topic, where you’re not required to have specific knowledge. Investigating the way true love survives in the book “Pride and Prejudice” accomplished by Jane Austen you’ve got an opportunity to give your feelings a chance and, moreover, to creatively fantasize or dream up  brand-new new ideas on the subject without any inhibitions.

As for the other world classic literate, “Of Mice and Men” is one of the most popular topics in academic writing. Your task is to analyze all the key reasons why the main characters George and Candy fail to stand against the crowd and struggle for what they deserve and truly love.