Night before Deadline: Quick Essay Writing

There can hardly be any situation less pleasant in a student’s life than when you have an unwritten essay that has to be handed in tomorrow morning and not a single idea of how you should write it. The situation is especially horrible if it is a very important essay.

Of course, the best piece of advice for handling such situations would be to avoid them – either write your essays as soon as you get the task to write them, or delegate the job to a writing service of your choice but do it immediately and don’t procrastinate until the last moment. However, if you are already in a pinch these tips won’t do you a lot of good, and sometimes it may be due to external circumstances that you’ve got so little time left.

So, what should you do?

Evaluate Your Chances and Capabilities

Try to think realistically about what you are likely to do faster: find a reliable service, hire an author and wait for him to write an essay for you or get yourself together and write it on your own?

Frankly speaking, the second variant is usually more likely, at least if you write about something even remotely familiar. When you don’t have a lot of time to spare it is not so much about writing a good essay as about writing any kind of essay in time – you will be better off with a relatively poorly written text than without anything at all to your name. And in case you use a writing service, you run a pretty high risk of losing your money without getting the essay at all – especially if you order an essay for the first time in your life, have no experience of dealing with writing agencies and no time to analyze this market properly. Chances are, you will agree to almost any conditions without thinking it through – and regret it.

Making Your Order Attractive

Writers generally choose which orders they are going to work on, so you should try to make them at least consider applying for it. Remember that not everybody is ready or willing to spend a night working on somebody else’s essay if he or she can do the same work when it is convenient for them without hurrying. Try to make your assignment sound easy, or at least give a description as thorough as possible – writers tend to ignore the tasks with ambiguous descriptions.

Be Ready for Failure

Even if you decide to place a last-minute order for an essay, consider trying to write it on your own – at least as a fall-back variant. There is no guarantee that somebody will apply for your task and manage to complete it on time, and the less time you have the less this probability is. Even if a writer takes up the task, he or she may be too late to complete it. And if you try to write something yourself, at least you will have something to submit in the morning.