What Do You Need to Know when Ordering a Dissertation

Your dissertation is probably the most important piece of writing you are going to work on in your entire academic career and, naturally, it requires extraordinary effort to complete it properly and to get good results. The same goes for ordering it from a writing service – when you buy an essay, you may afford to gamble and order it from the first agency you encounter by the first writer you are offered and hope that everything will turn out alright.

Dissertations, however, are much costlier and larger, they require a lot more time to complete, and there are very few people who are capable of writing them professionally. You cannot take chances – if the writer fails, you will not only lose money, but precious time as well. There may be simply not enough of it left to rectify the situation afterwards – and it is without saying that in case of dissertation the stakes are much higher than when you order a High School essay.

So, what do you need to know before placing an order?

Be Very Careful when Choosing a Service

It applies to any kind of academic writing, but to dissertations first of all, because the responsibility is much greater. Do you know anybody who has ordered a dissertation from this particular service and succeeded? Is there an option of paying for the order in installments, as the writer completes different parts of the assignment? Does the service offer any free revisions and for how long? Will it be enough for you to read the dissertation and find out whether anything needs correcting? Can you get any samples written by the service’s writers and be sure they were actually written by them? Ask yourself these questions and any other dictated by simple common sense, and choose wisely.

Be Very Particular about What You Need

Again, the rule that is simply very important in case of other writing types turns into a crucial one when it comes to dissertations. In all probability you and your writer will not have time to make any great changes in the text in case the author doesn’t get all necessary instructions and writes something wrong.

So, impart all the guidelines received from your tutor. Provide additional information and sources for use. Preferably, write in great detail what chapters are to be in your dissertation and what they should contain. In other words – think of the writer you have hired not as of a hired worker, but as of a partner who is helping you out. You should make the task easier for him or her – thus you will raise the possibility of getting a good dissertation on time.

Contact the Service as Early as Possible

It will be much better if you decide right away that you are not going to write anything and want to resort to the help of a writing service. Don’t think that a hired writer will be able to get you out of any pinch – if you ask for a dissertation to be written the night before it should be submitted, you are likely to be disappointed.