How to Deal with Online Writing Agencies

When a student first comes to a conclusion that he needs to use the assistance of a writing service and starts seeking one, he doesn’t know which way to look – these services are seemingly innumerable.

However, after looking through several dozens of online writing companies you start to notice a peculiar thing – a lot of these services look almost the same: same texts on their sites, same options in their order forms, same discount offers, same terms and conditions. The reason is, there are a lot of writing services out there, but far fewer than it seems at the first glance. One service may have dozens of sites representing it: sometimes they differ a little bit in terms of prices, sometimes they forget to put all the information about the service on some of their websites, but the core remains the same – all the orders collected from these subsidiaries go to some central office where they are distributed among the writers.

Understanding this helps you a lot when it comes to choosing a writing service – usually this trick is used by services that have no hope of creating a name that would serve as an advertisement in itself. That is why their names are usually so generic and forgettable. There are two conclusions to be drawn from this:

Firstly, if you have received poor results when dealing with a writing service and later encounter another service which looks very similar to the first one – chances are, it is the same agency under a different name. Don’t order anything from them again.

Secondly, if you encounter numerous services, which look almost the same (or, even more blatantly, use the same e-mails or phone numbers) – it is perhaps a good idea to avoid them. A really good company, irrespectively of its line of work, always tries to create a brand – a name that would be remembered by the clients who will advise it to their friends and so on. If an agency uses different aliases, and generic ones at that – it means that, most likely, it has nothing to boast of. If possible, try to use a service that doesn’t look like a dozen others of its kind.

Then again, don’t forget that all these ideas are suggested by common sense alone. They do not claim to be the ultimate truth. Sometimes they are true, sometimes – less so.