Things to Consider When Selecting Online Proofreading Service

When it’s time to pick a professional proofreading service, you must think over two basic factors: the type of proofreading you’re in need of, and the proofreader’s competence level needed to comply with your demands. The latter should be probably of more importance for you, so let’s focus on it first.

So, how to choose the most suitable and reliable proofreader?

A great deal depends on whether you’re in search for a high quality proofreading service to edit an off- or on-line publication. In the former case a lot of options of brand-new word processors will be unavailable for you have to proofread a hard copy offline. Nonetheless, the basic principles needed while picking professional proofreaders on the web are provided below.

Be aware of your personal requirements

The first step you should take is to get acquainted with your own requirements. Moreover, make sure you are fully aware of all the demands given by your college tutor. You must also consider the proofreading level you require. Are you in need of qualified proofreading for punctuation or grammar mistakes? Do you send requests for a from-A-to-Z proofreading or you just need a particular part of the project to be edited? Ensure you’re aware of what you’re in need of in terms of proofreading type (business, academic, etc.) and the editing level (heavy/light proofreading) and clearly specify all the demands when you post an order.

The factors to keep an eye on


Of course, the price of the product you order is of number one importance for the majority of students. Remember that you deal with not a simple product and you need to keep in mind the old saying: what you pay for is what you get! This is very true, much like in the rest of custom writing industry.

Knowledge & skills within your area

When you are looking for a competent proofreader it is recommended to give preference to the online helpers who have experience and knowledge with your subject. Make certain to consider English native-speaking experts that can boast of having solid proofreading experience as the subject/area specialists.

Knowledge of the language required by the order

Make sure to search for the online proofreaders who speak the same native language as you do. The point is that proofreading online is the skill that differs from web content or article writing. It requires the proofreader to have efficient knowledge of semantics and grammar aspects, so that incorrect usage can be found and immediately fixed.

The Internet is full of fake proofreaders, freelance writers who claim to be native English-speakers, but in the end they fail to comply with your demands. The vast majority of such “experts” (for whom English language isn’t their mother tongue) may be able to generate passable articles, but are not be capable of highlighting and fixing mistakes in the content provided by someone else.