The National Museum of Language: I Bet You Haven’t Heard of It

museum of languageThe National Museum of Language… Does it sound familiar to you? Definitely not. Although the establishment is a small one, each of the experts studies carefully the transformative powers of language.

The doors of the Museum got opened in 2008 after a long decade of making. It is important to mention that there are not more than only three museums on the globe with the same focus of studying – the history, the impact, as well as the art of language.

The National Museum of Language welcomes everyone of the age from nine to ninety nine. When the question is about the younger visitors, they are welcome to enjoy a wide range of language games available in a special activity room, as well as practice various video presentations, calligraphy and even touch the artifacts. The language professionals working in the Museum are highly passionate about their vocation and interested in every aspect of language. They do all they can to make sure every visitor has the most positive experience in the Museum.

The idea of the Museum originally came in 1971, when a group of language experts and linguistics specialists got together to establish a unique museum. Over almost ten years of startup troubles and studies, the Museum opened its doors with the help of governors and docents.  This is when a brand new focus of museum development began and nowadays it is called the virtual exhibit.

The Museum successfully collaborates with numerous regional, national as well as local organizations that are also devoted to the language development and education. This in turn guarantees public recognition for the Museum and its specialists as well. The activities that the NML representatives are engaged in include traveling and loan various exhibits in both regional and local venues, with regular speaking series on a variety of topics related to the culture and language science.

Moving into the progressive future, the National Museum of Language experts make sure to include modern on-site and online techs into their professional activities and successfully combine them with traveling exhibits to community centers and schools in order to extend the range of services.

The core mission of the NML is to get the world community fully aware of how magical the power of language is. They lead every visitor to his or her personal discoveries in the universal of the world languages.

In addition to the ethical mission, the NML experts exert every effort to inform and educate the community representatives by means of audio and video exhibits, detailed presentations and programs generated to both – educate and entertain those, who are passionate about language and its aspects.

The National Museum of Language connects individuals from the vast language fields – governmental, literary, academic, technological and many others – and provides them with the place, where everyone can focus his attention on language as an integral part of our life and human phenomenon.