How to Organize Your Working Space

bookshelfIf you think that the quality of your work depends totally on how much hours you’ve slept last night, how much coffee you’ve had and the knowledge you’ve got, make sure to add the working environment to the list! The point is that working in a messy and chaotic place will most likely have a negative effect on the results of all your efforts.

If you’re like an average student, you spend most of your time in front of your laptop. But the truth is that even if your studying is absolutely PC-based, your room must inspire you and help you to be as productive as you can. A properly organized place brings a lot of advantages. First of all, it gives you a sense of competence and total control, and second, it enables you to reach the desired level of productivity while staying away from distractions. So, how can one manage the working space to give oneself an opportunity to work efficiently? Continue reading

Motivation for Main Course, Success for Dessert

boring job

At some point you realize that you – a college or university student – have enough time to accomplish academic assignments. Moreover, it looks like you’ve got all related material and all you need is to get started. But that’s the trick! The hardest part is to actually take the first step. Sometimes it’s hard to get back to the work left long time ago. Sometimes it’s hard to finish the last sentence. Whatever moment you’ve got stuck in, you have lack of one special thing required for academic success – motivation. Why is it so crucial for us? Continue reading