Scam Detected: Any Ways to Get My Money Back?

So, you have placed an order with a writing service and were taken for a ride – the service either didn’t send you anything at all, or you received a pathetically plagiarized piece of writing, or something else along the same lines. Customer support doesn’t react to your threats of legal persecution, or simply repeats, like a mantra, that your refund is underway, every time you send another angry mail. What now?

Frankly speaking, there isn’t much you can do – at least legally. First of all, you don’t buy any physical goods – you buy an essay, and it is quite difficult to objectively evaluate its quality and whether it corresponds to your demands or not. Besides, paying somebody to do your academic assignments for you isn’t all that ethical, and scam services are aware of that. They know well that it is not in your best interests to attract attention to the whole affair, and simply hope that the sum in question is small enough for you to give up and kiss your money goodbye.

What if You Still Want Your Money Back?

If it isn’t small enough, there are several possibilities for you to recover your money without starting legal proceedings (and, as you have already seen, there isn’t much to base them on).

First of all, make sure to start acting quickly, as soon as you understand that something is amiss. Every second you wait makes getting your money back less and less possible.

If your payment method supports any kind of recharge or refund, contact the provider of the payment means directly. It may be PayPal, your credit card company, or another entity. The situation is the simplest with PayPal – it has an elaborate and pretty functional dispute system, which allows you to file complaints against the vendor you bought something from for a certain period of time. If you win the dispute, you get your money back whether the service had enough time to transfer it from their account or not – and on top of this, the scammers will have some problems with using this account in future.

You Are not Alone

You should understand one thing: you are not alone. Every day hundreds of people suffer from the actions of writing service scammers. Some just leave it at that and give up on their money, caring only about getting this essay that has to be submitted tomorrow in any way possible. Others persevere and, probably, get back at the scammers. Who, in turn, know this and try to spread their activity as thin as possible – one and the same scam company may use dozens if not hundreds similarly-looking sites as fronts.

But if everybody who has been swindled out of their money take up figurative arms and actually do something about the situation, they can, at least, make scammers’ life more difficult. Ideally, you will be able to recover your money. So don’t be afraid: contact PayPal, spread the word about the agency’s conduct and so on.