Scam Detected: Any Ways to Get My Money Back?

So, you have placed an order with a writing service and were taken for a ride – the service either didn’t send you anything at all, or you received a pathetically plagiarized piece of writing, or something else along the same lines. Customer support doesn’t react to your threats of legal persecution, or simply repeats, like a mantra, that your refund is underway, every time you send another angry mail. What now? Continue reading

Breaking Bad: When a Writing Service Refuses to Give You a Refund

Almost always, when you visit a writing service, you see a promise of a full refund in case anything goes wrong or something along the same lines – an all-too-readily given promise, as it turns out. When it comes to actually getting a refund, you may encounter complete unwillingness of the service to meet your demands. So, what are you supposed to do in such situation? Continue reading