Mind Map for Your Essay

mind mapsAre you dreaming about becoming a high class writer? A better organizer? A better assistant? If the answer is yes, yes, yes, make sure to make use of mind maps. Some prominent writers of the nowadays call mind maps a truly genius tool since it can easily make your brain extensively work and fire up your creativity.

This exceptional thinking tool is a unique method applied to bring to the surface what is going on in your brain. When two tiny segments of information cross, the juicy idea is formed. Then the idea activates extensive thinking. In the process, your brain generates a great bunch of various associations that may lead you in many different directions.

Although mind mapping is used for many various purposes, we will focus on the one that is related to the essay writing. How many times in your life have you been stuck with essay that seemed to be too complex to both – research and write? How many sleepless nights have you spent trying to figure out the topic for your research term paper? If you’re already into your painful memories, consider mind maps for instant help.

A mind map is a special method for marking notes on a particular topic, before you begin to write the paper. As a structured strategy, it reflects all the links between the ideas you have. To some extent, it is similar to making random notes on a piece of paper.

As it’s been already stated, mind mapping is a pre-writing activity and of course, it should be absolutely spontaneous. Just begin with a random topic at the centre and create a web of thoughts from that place, generating and relating associations to these ideas. The method works perfectly for the reason that its visual design enables the essay author to have a clear view on the links between the ideas, as well as to unite some ideas in the process.

If you do not have enough experience in mind mapping, sometimes it’s better to avail of mind mapping apps. When the time comes, here are some of the apps recommended to consider by the college student.

Freemind deserves to be called the most popular among the mind mappers. The app is in Java and implements some major features that attract the users: hyperlinking between various branches and expandable branches that ease the process and help the student to both – arrange and connect their ideas.

The other mind mapping app – MindMeister – offers an opportunity to create a free account as well as benefit from some commercial features. Its user-friendly design and nice interface are more appealing than many other similar applications.

There are free and commercial accounts available from the Mindomo app. Feel free to share your mind maps with your class mates, as well as embed them into your internet pages.

Think Tree is your chance to realize that mind mapping is actually fun. This “cute” mind mapping helper with cartoon pictures provides you with an opportunity to do creative planning in a highly inspiring environment.