Industrialization Essay Sample

industryWhen speaking about how industrialization changed the world we live in, there are three areas one should mention: economics, agriculture and urbanization. Those are the segments that have faced the most significant changes. Let’s discuss every aspect one after another.

Industrialization had an economic impact on the society by providing the representatives of the working class with jobs in factories and coal mines. To add more, industrialization made the wallets of Bourgeoisie tougher than they were before. But at the end, this had only made them richer, angrier and more selfish. The working conditions for the working class were miserable. As a rule, people had to work in dangerous machine shops with no shoes at all. They were constantly risking their life all over the working zone. They were required to work fourteen hours a day, six days a week and at the same time, constantly dealing with dangerous machines, fire and other hazardous items. Besides, they had no life guarantees such as safety laws, insurance or pensions. Children were supposed to work as well. Continue reading