10 Topics on Important Human Rights Issues for a Critical Essay

human rights essayHuman rights are universal birth privileges that every individual is granted regardless of his/her gender, religion, class, age, nationality, ability or culture. These rights are the guarantee for basic dignity and freedom, that are a must to live a normal life. Unfortunately, there are countries where people are suffering from major violations of human rights. The topics that should be brought up on the issue include many different cultural perspectives of human values, some of them provided below in our list of human rights essay topics.

Children’s Rights

Many kids around the globe are deprived of their human rights. They’re not provided with an opportunity to study. They miss out on their right to have a shelter and parental care. They are left to look after themselves in the streets. They suffer from different forms of violence and get recruited by the organized crime.


Inhuman and cruel treatment – this is what we all have to stop no matter what. Besides, all the people, who take responsibility for authorizing tortures, must be punished as well.

Women’s Rights

Living a life that is violence-free is a natural human right. But the reality is that a great number of women all over the planet encounter domestic abuse, rape and many other forms of violence.

Death Penalty

While some people view capital punishment as a necessity, others consider it an ultimate denial of human rights. Using your essay, you may express your own point of view on whether death penalty is a cold-blooded murder or a correct fitting form of justice.

LGBT Rights

The issue that’s causing many heated debates is the LGBT rights. Consider your critical essay as a tool to prove that all human beings deserve enjoying equal human attitude regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Refugee Rights

Across the globe, a lot of migrants and refugees are faced with the necessity to leave their homes forever. War conflicts or natural disasters – the reasons to leave homeland are different for every displaced person, but all of them suffer the same.

Human Rights and Business

Economic globalization all over the world has provided companies with unlimited access to new lands, as well as has provided the way over the national borders.

Free Speech

Without a doubt, every person on earth has the right to express his or her opinions and ideas without fear of possible prosecution. A critical essay will help you shed some light on the problem of censorship and ability to speak freely.


It is no secret that convicted people are faced with the risk of their rights most likely being violated to a certain extent. Describe the lives of these citizens, in your critical essay.

International Justice

The issue of the international justice is about co-operation between the countries all over the planet. The main aim of this collaboration is to hold people accused of grave human rights abuses like war crimes or genocide.

Make use of this human rights topics list because it’s important to have conversations about such issues. In many parts of the globe, more often than not, human rights are severely violated. As a result, humanity is lost somewhere in between the illusive democracy and false law.