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How to Write an Autobiographical Essay

autobiographyThere are people who like writing and know how to write autobiographical essay, but there are more of those who dread it and hate it. Writing about something unfamiliar or about the topic you are not good at is challenging, yet engaging. But if it’s an essay about your life or something based on your personal experience, it can be not just fun to do, but easy as well. Compiling a biography paper is fun, but writing an autobiography is more fun. The difference between the two of them is that a biography is writing about someone else’s life and an autobiography is writing about yours and from your own point of view.
The only thing that is difficult in an autobiographical essay writing process is to choose the right story to tell, make it short and present it in an interesting way. Autobiographical essay consists of six writing stages, each stage is important and is to be taken into account. Five tips below may help you follow the process and learn how to write autobiographical essay to stand out from the others. Continue reading

Essentials of Academic Book Note Taking for Achiever Students

notes for achiever studentsWhen it’s your first year at the university, you feel like you’re going to drown in an endless sea of book, journals, newspapers and other related printed material you’re required to master during the course. But there is no time to panic. It’s time to breathe in and breathe out, and prepare yourself in advance by means of note taking. The following simple recommendations on how to take notes correctly will make the reading more effective and the studying – easier. Continue reading

Research Proposal: Secrets of Methodology Section Decoded

research methodologyLearning the ins and outs of methodology section is undoubtedly the key element of knowing how to write a research proposal. The methodology section of the research proposal is used to outline the right strategy for performing an investigation to provide the most suitable research for the research question. Being an integral part of the research project proposal, the methodology section should be carefully and thoroughly planned out and include all procedures that are being used in the investigation. Besides, the research proposal methodology section also reviews various designs, approaches, methods and procedures applied to investigate your particular area of research. You, as the author, will be required to describe and evaluate specific tools. This will enable you to determine which ones can help you with figuring out how to write a research proposal and reach each of specified goals. Continue reading

How to Develop a Thesis Statement Constructively

startup businessWhen assigned with the task of writing, whether a term paper, a research paper or an essay, you may have one goal – to generate a top-notch project that will stun your professor and guarantee the top grade you deserve. The key to your high quality academic paper begins with the thesis statement. This thesis statement guide is going to give you some valuable advice in the matter.

Every paper starts with an intro and a concise thesis statement. The latter is a must have of every piece of writing since it provides you with a clear starting point. Of course, we all know that it is very hard sometimes to sit down and start working on whatever you’re assigned with. A blank page is pretty discouraging for the majority of students. Thus, it’s the right time to get focused and to know a little more about what thesis statement is and how one can produce it constructively. Continue reading

How to Take Notes in Class with Efficiency

how to make effective study notesThe main challenge of a student is dealing with lots of information at once and trying to remember at least the most important parts. This is where taking notes in class comes in handy. It could be of a great help to students, especially when the material is completely new and quite complex. Unfortunately, most students these days don’t know how to take notes, often simply taking pictures with their smartphones. If you are doing that too, then you are just wasting your time — taking notes requires your attention and active involvement. Let us see some useful advice on effective note-taking below. Continue reading

How to Hold a Pen the Right Way

handwriting practiceNot every person on earth knows that January 23 is a National Handwriting Day. Even though we do not write that much in our everyday life like we used to do long ago, handwriting is still considered helpful, experts say.

First of all, handwriting is good for learning since it is one of the most effective ways known to study, as well as to retain new information. Besides, writing is the right way to go in case you would like to become a better writer. You won’t believe, but the reality is that a lot of famous authors prefer writing by hand over using the computer. One of the reasons is, probably, because it prevents them from being distracted. Nowadays, the computers we use are not just a great source of information, but also the most notorious time killers. For that reason, having only a pen and a piece of paper at your disposal will make you a more productive student mainly because it is not plugged into the distraction-laden web. Continue reading

6 Grammar Myths That Do Not Need to Exist

actually caresWhen the conversation flips to the English language, grammar is what usually causes a severe headache among students, especially the ones, who aren’t native speakers. They suffer badly to make their language next to perfect and greedily learn all possible grammar rules. If you’re one of them, there is some good news for you. Some of so-called errors can be skipped since they do not actually exist! That’s right. Let’s take a closer look at the typical grammar ‘unicorns.’ Continue reading

How to Write Accessible Science Essays

enlightenmentThere is a huge gap between the scientists and people not involved. Thus, it is obvious that a lab report on astrophysics would go over anyone’s head. Without prior education that is. Trying to illustrate complex scientific ideas to a broader audience in an essay can be a real challenge for the researcher.

An academic writer often tries to be overly simplistic in order to establish good communication. A scientific author talks down to his or her readers, seeing them as thick, dim and uninterested. They would illustrate their points the way they would explain them to their parents showing a progressive loss of patience in the meantime. A common mistake. When doing scientific writing you should imagine your audience to be as smart and curious about what you have to say as you. Continue reading

How to Organize Your Working Space

bookshelfIf you think that the quality of your work depends totally on how much hours you’ve slept last night, how much coffee you’ve had and the knowledge you’ve got, make sure to add the working environment to the list! The point is that working in a messy and chaotic place will most likely have a negative effect on the results of all your efforts.

If you’re like an average student, you spend most of your time in front of your laptop. But the truth is that even if your studying is absolutely PC-based, your room must inspire you and help you to be as productive as you can. A properly organized place brings a lot of advantages. First of all, it gives you a sense of competence and total control, and second, it enables you to reach the desired level of productivity while staying away from distractions. So, how can one manage the working space to give oneself an opportunity to work efficiently? Continue reading