How to Write the Best Essay

Essay writing is a tricky business, and may be a source of considerable trouble even for those who have been dealing with for a long time and seem to have mastered the art completely. There is no sure way to write a first-rate essay on any topic – don’t expect to find a detailed manual here. There are, however, certain principles and approaches that may greatly increase your chances of creating a well-written work and even make the very process of writing easier and more enjoyable.

First of all, make sure you understand what type of essays you are dealing with: there are a lot of different classifications out there, based on various aspects of the essay;, and different teachers and professors tend to use different classifications, which makes the entire matter of essay construction extremely confusing. Thus, make sure you know what you are supposed to write about and how it is supposed to be written – different essay types have very distinct specific features that may not be immediately obvious just from the topic name. If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to get more specific information directly from your professor.

Construct a text plan and decide what you are going to write about – some people just start writing immediately without thinking and try to make things up as they go along. Such an approach very rarely pays off – most of the time you get confused about what you have already said and what you have missed out! Some parts end up being where they are not supposed to be, some things you forget entirely about and so on. It is a much better idea to think about everything to plan carefully before you start writing, decide what leads to what argument and so on.

Never repeat yourself. If you think that the reader has forgotten something crucial by the time this something becomes important in your essay, there is something wrong with the structure of your text. It should be constructed in a way that allows for a smooth flow of thought, without jumping from one subject to another and back again. One fact should logically lead to another, the next one, in turn, to another, and so on, until the conclusion.

And there is one more very important aspect – your essay should have an exposition, where you declare the problem, a main part where you analyze it (or do something else, depending on the essay type) and a conclusion, where you sum everything up. Only if all three parts are present and properly used you may you hope to write the best essay.

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