How to Write an Essay? The Truth is Out There!

Rather than desperately annoying your friends, sisters and groupmates with one and the same weeping “write an essay for me, please!”, calm down, sit and attentively read through the basic guides we have developed for the students with the writing problems.

First, you just read the essay question once and again to make sure you understand it and, moreover, you know what you’re required to write about. Are there some keywords that are crucial to your assignment writing? Make certain to point them out. Identify the task you have to cope with using the words like “explain”, “analyze”, “discuss” or “doubt” (the nature of the words depends on the type of the essay you have to work with).

Before you approach one of the expensive online writing services with the request “write me an essay”, make sure you have done your best to cope with the assignment on your own. Make use of the information sources that are relevant to your paper writing down all the key ideas in your own words in the process of reading. Remember, it is highly important to work with the quotes from the sources that are acknowledged if they are used. All the resources should be noted for you will need to mention them in the bibliography section and footnotes.

Produce a thesis statement that will be used as a solid response to the essay question. Remember, the thesis statement is your chance to strongly express the essay question overall response. The theses that are too simplistic and primitive – that’s what you must avoid in your writing. Demonstrate that thought has been placed into some of the difficulties that stand behind the essay question.

The thesis statement, as it is called by writers, is the essay backbone you have to provide in an introductive section of the paper. Make sure to refer to it more than once throughout the project in order to show how it has been discussed and proved in the summarization segment of the text.

Writing the introduction part of the essay is where you open up the whole discussion. Introduce the essay thesis statement and make sure to properly indicate the number of questions you plan to provide answers for in the body. Try to hook your reader and leave him craving for more.

When dealing with the body of the essay, it is important to provide each new point in a separate paragraph. Every paragraph should contain the words/phrases that will help your reader to understand how the paragraph is related to the text segment before it. The words “nonetheless”, “what’s more”, “however”, etc. will help you.

It’s up to you to decide how many points should be there in the body of the essay but make certain to provide the real-life supporting evidence for each of them.

When the discussion is over, go over the main essay points in order to demonstrate in what way and whether successfully or not you have managed to prove each of them.

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