How to Write Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking writing is way more than just writing on the basis of typical academic paper structure format. This form of academic writing is about using your life experience, intellect and research in order to draw a reasonable conclusion on a particular issue.

The following prompts on how to write critical thinking project can be used as basic guidelines for your assignment. These simple tips on critical writing may be applied in the process of writing on any academic level.


– Point out the basis of critical writing topic

This is the moment when you dive into the introduction of your assignment. Here’s where the author is required to present the importance of the issue, outline basic context and the list of potential consequences. Make sure to end up you introduction with a small paragraph that involves an overview of further content of your paper.


– Analyze information

Analysis can be used in many different ways and on the basis of different methods. It is highly recommended to discuss the method you stick to and define the concepts. This step is all about your investigation of the subject: examining components, weak and strong points, and later connecting all those aspects in a professional manner, showing their significance and relevance against the whole.


– Ponder over different perspectives

Make sure to take into account various points of view on the subject. It is strictly forbidden to assume a certain viewpoint and make it obvious. Operating with a number of analytical perspectives will highlight various ideas and aspects of the same issue or event.


– Make sure to have your personal position

You own thoughts and viewpoints on the material investigated in the process of research and writing should be presented in a separate content section. For example, you may place it right after your close examination of various perspectives and objective analysis. It’s a great idea to add up your own voice throughout the paper as a discussant. This is the most effective way to deal with critical thinking without using “my” and “I” numerous times!


– Conclude your assignment

When you are done with critical thinking writing, it’s time to evaluate the importance of all the findings you have revealed and their practical implications. Connect all the elements to build up an overview. Make sure you consider the importance of the research you have performed and provide several ideas for further study.