How to Write Computer Science Papers

Computer and other kinds of science papers constitute a unique subtype of research assignments and, therefore, require a very particular writing approach.

While, of course, actual style, wording and other literary aspects are secondary in this kind of writing, one cannot ignore them entirely if he wants to write a good research paper. However, a lot of writers take the lack of necessity to write nicely a little bit too far and forget about style completely. That is why you may even have an advantage over the majority of other students – even if you simply avoid making some of the most widespread mistakes you will produce a positive impression on your professors.

Here are some ways to improve your overall results.

First of all, don’t forget about introduction. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is the most important part of any scientific paper because, let’s be honest, a lot of professors simply don’t read the papers they are supposed to evaluate further than that, unless a particular paper manages to arise their interest.

The introduction is supposed to show the reader the importance and the goal of your paper and interest him enough so that he reads it to the end. That is why you should write concisely and up to the point. Don’t say something the reader already knows, try to get to the subject of your paper as soon as possible.

For some unknown reasons a lot of people think that the best way to sum up the introduction is to list all the sections of the paper and retell their simplified contents. I cannot even begin to enumerate all the reasons why it is wrong and will simply tell you how it is supposed to be organized.

In your introduction you should mention some aspects of your paper you consider to be the most important and interesting – and after you describe what they are. First make the reader interested, then tell him where to look for what he considers interesting.

In conclusion, a few words about conclusions. Contrary to popular misconception, this section shouldn’t repeat what you have told in the paper itself. Instead, you have to say something new, something that you can say only after you’ve written the paper and the reader has read it.

Follow these simple tips and you are sure to write a paper that will at least be composed correctly.

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