How to Write Capstone Project

When you are in your degree course final year, you will be inevitably assigned with the task to professionally accomplish the capstone project. But before that make sure you’re forearmed with all necessary information on what this kind of project is and how to actually write a capstone project. First of all, the goal of writing this paper is to properly bring together all the knowledge the student has successfully (or not) learnt and mastered during the entire degree course. Sometimes this type of assignment is used by university professors as some sort of investigation of students’ knowledge in several academic disciplines that have been studied.

First thing you must keep in mind is that a high quality capstone project is supposed to demonstrate all the skills and knowledge you have managed to master learning various subjects and your understanding of all the degree program topics. The unique point characteristic of capstone projects lies in the fact that is it supposed to state and then solve the proposed problem step by step.

Steps to take in order to complete the capstone project:

  1. Take a memory trip back to the previous years of study and make a list of academic papers you wrote, the essays and other types of work that you presented and all the courses you took.
  2. This step is about fleshing out the list you’ve created by providing a brief description of every test, exam, quiz, term paper, research paper and essay.
  3. Make sure you realize that there is a certain similarity between the capstone project and, say, other research papers. It might be useful to look through research projects you have already coped with, so make sure they’re at hand.
  4. Choose the topic of your interest and then get it approved by the capstone project tutor. Remember, it should be well-worded in order to involve as much info about the work you’ve done as possible.
  5. Up-to-date references (articles, books, websites, journals, etc.) – that’s what you have to be forearmed with to complete the assignment.
  6. Give yourself enough time needed to cope with necessary reading. At this point you will come across the material you already know so you will just have to refresh it in your memory.
  7. At this step, you’re required to make notes and begin to draft the project making use of the material you’ve revised in combination with new perspectives on the topic you need to cover.
  8. Produce the conclusion of the capstone project. This is required to give an overview of the general picture of your work and plan an effective and reasonable thesis statement.

And one more thing:

In case you’re free to make your choice of your capstone project subject, select the one that you’re passionate about. Moreover, it is highly important to show off your research skills and methodology that are required by the assignment. Make sure to choose the topic that is of a great scientific and practical use.