How to Write Book Review at Ease

When you’re required to deal with the book review – you’re simply about to share your thoughts after you have read the work of literature for the class. Still, if you just take a glance at essay writing samples available on the web you will notice that there is a standard book review writing template for you to make use of.

The structure of the book report is of analytical and formal nature. Word count can vary depending on the college or university instructor’s requests.

A book review report sums up the content, examines the writer’s intent for writing it, and finally shares the reviewer’s viewpoint on to what extent the book’s author has succeeded in delivering a certain message.

Just like any other type of academic writing, a book report involves a lead paragraph used to hook the reader’s eye. If you’re supposed to work with nonfiction, make sure to provide a provocative sentence in order to set the tone of the book. After reading a novel, or a collection of short stories, or a poem, identify what it is that special about its content that turns it into a unique, innovative work of literature.

Next step lies in brief articulation of the author and the narrative description (more-detailed information related to the book author, including previous works, qualifications, can be provided later). Proceeding, explain whether, as to your viewpoint, the book author has succeeded to narrate the story very well.

Work out the following several paragraphs on the basis of supporting arguments. Are the characters of the book fully realized and absolutely credible? If you deal with the nonfiction literature, will the reader have a feeling that he actually is acquainted with the people interviewed? Is the plot of the work of literature realistic and well-built? Is the author’s logic understandable for you? Are there possible holes in the book content and matters that require additional work?

Take into consideration the writer’s use of content. Does the author provide any additional elements, like maps, illustrations to make the narration more interesting and comprehensible for the reader? Does graphic stuff (charts, photos, tables or graphs) back up the text?

When you’re about to work on the conclusion section, make certain to provide a logical summary for your general impression on the work of literature, including a rejection OR 100% endorsement. If you take any book review sample essay, you will definitely see that sometimes every student tends to make the same mistake – he/she breaks herself in pieces in order to please college professor who worships the book’s author they deal with. Do not be afraid to offend your tutor in case you don’t share his fondness over the work of literature. Your task is to give a well-reasoned, logical and honest (honest!) viewpoint.

Being impartial is critically important! In case you are going to make a review for a book of your favorite author, make sure to approach it as skeptically as possible. In case your point of view is absolutely opposite to the author’s thoughts, have an open mind. You’re assigned with the book review writing task not to screen the author, but to honestly evaluate the work of literature.