How to Write Annotated Bibliography?

Dealing with essay writing is one thing, but creating an annotated bibliography in a professional manner is something completely different and, as a lot of college and university students would agree, more complicated. This assignment type requires you to compile information sources or authors and then place them against each other. Below you are provided with simple helpful steps on how to write an annotated bibliography and cope with the task professionally. Open a new Microsoft Word file and let’s get it done!

Before you type the first word, make sure to write an outline. Choose the topic for your project and put it down as the number one point for the outline.

Now it’s time to research the selected topic. All in all, an annotated bibliography writing assignment is about collecting the thoughts and ideas of other people. Build up a simple bulleted list of various authors that deal with your topic. Make sure to provide the source you have dug your info from, so you can have an opportunity to read more and then cite it properly.

Provide an outline for the paper. It is recommended to make use of capital letters to present major points and provide some notes on the margins. Roman numerals are to be used for an annotated bibliography – don’t forget about it, as it is a very important aspect of this work.

When you create an annotated bibliography outline, place the information sources related to the same issue together. Do not forget to include info sources state a different point of view. In case they go together, it should be easy to link the info sources that agree and disagree.

When the outline for your information sources is ready, you will have an opportunity to take the next step – to write the work itself. Make sure your writing is unbiased. Dealing with annotated bibliography writing your number one task is to demonstrate what other individuals have to say on the topic and your job is to stay neutral no matter what. Show what kind of viewpoints the other authors have and make sure to treat all the sides as fairly as you can. Write the project as if the information sources were directly conversing and co-operating with each other. Remember that it’s very important to make sure that at least 50% of the writing is done by you – you cannot always cite other people.

When the project is done, you must provide citations for the sources. Choose the style suitable for your discipline to cite information sources. Make sure you mention all the sources you have used. In case you don’t have enough properly quoted sources your project will not be treated seriously.