25 Top Misused Words in Academic Writing

studyWhether you are trying to pretend like you’re sort of Sherlock Holmes, or you’re simply repeating what you have heard in the college library, you will most likely fail to use this or that unknown word. And of course, this kind of moment make even the smartest people look silly.

In the latest research, linguists explore the most misused words and phrases that college and university students have hard times using. Make certain to look through the top 25 misused words and, who knows, maybe next time it will save you with your writing assignment or speech delivery. Continue reading

Science Report Written by Sheldon Cooper!

big bang theory scienceIf you watched The Big Bang Theory, you might have envied the characters, especially Sheldon Cooper, for being so smart and confident in his academic field. Many students would die for a chance to become even remotely like this prodigy physicist, so that they can deal with all kind of science problems, not only writing assignments. Just imagine how rad it would’ve been if your science report looked like it was written by Sheldon Cooper! Luckily, you can do it yourself with just a little practice and effort. Learn how to write one yourself by following our guidelines below. Continue reading