How to Phrase a Research Question: Basic Tips

Before we proceed to our conversation on how to phrase a research question, let us answer another question – what, exactly, it is? A typical research question is a concise, clear and focused question that you found your general research on. In other words, you’re supposed to ask a question on the issue you’re passionate about. The other pretty logical question that may pop up in your mind is the following – why is a research question important to the research process? First thing you have to know is that research questions tend to be helpful when writers need to concentrate on the process of research. Research question gives you the right path through both writing and research processes. Being armed with a well-developed research question you will be able to avoid papers that are about everything and nothing in particular and build your assignment on a clear thesis.


How to Develop a Solid Research Question

Make sure to pick an interesting general topic. Remember, even a direct academic research is supposed to be concentrated on a specific topic you are personally interested in. Make sure to give preference to a general topic about which you’re longing to know more. It is essential to conduct a preliminary research on the subject. Quick searches on the basis of current journals and periodicals will provide you with a clear view on what’s been already completed and thus, will help you narrow down your general focus. Always keep your audience in mind. For the majority of academic papers, your readers will be academic. Ask yourself – will these people be excited about your research question?


Produce a Research Question by Asking Various Questions

Taking into consideration all the points stated above, the time to start asking questions has come! All the “hows” and “whys” that appear in your head on the topic assigned to you should fit your research question. Make sure to evaluate your question. Is it clear? With such an intensive research available on all the possible topics, your research question must always be clear in order to be useful for the writer to conduct his own research. If you surf through research paper writing service, reviews and all the related stuff, you will make sure that the research question should be focused. Make it specific enough to be thoroughly discussed within the available space. Once you’re done with the question, ponder over the path that your answer may take. What is the possible consequence of your question and the research based on it? Think about it.