How to Hold a Pen the Right Way

handwriting practiceNot every person on earth knows that January 23 is a National Handwriting Day. Even though we do not write that much in our everyday life like we used to do long ago, handwriting is still considered helpful, experts say.

First of all, handwriting is good for learning since it is one of the most effective ways known to study, as well as to retain new information. Besides, writing is the right way to go in case you would like to become a better writer. You won’t believe, but the reality is that a lot of famous authors prefer writing by hand over using the computer. One of the reasons is, probably, because it prevents them from being distracted. Nowadays, the computers we use are not just a great source of information, but also the most notorious time killers. For that reason, having only a pen and a piece of paper at your disposal will make you a more productive student mainly because it is not plugged into the distraction-laden web. Continue reading