How to Get Quality Academic Writing in the UK

We live in the Internet age – which means that, of course, there is nothing difficult about getting essay writing in UK of whatever quality you need. The problem is not with getting it in general, but with getting texts that would be suitable for your teacher or professor. British papers, after all, follow their own standards both in terms of formatting and language – you have to be very careful about choosing a person to write your paper, because he or she should be familiar with these peculiarities, or you are going to get into a lot of trouble.

But looking for the words “British” or “UK” in the name or description of this or that service is not enough. For some reasons writing services will quite often try to pass for British ones while in reality being based somewhere in India – in order to add credibility to their offers and justify higher than average prices. If the service tries to represent itself as several different agencies it almost always has at least one site trying to look as British as possible. Needless to say, the writers are the same, no matter which particular site you place your order at.

All this leads to an obvious conclusion – when dealing with writing services you shouldn’t take their word in all good faith. The very nature of this business presupposes that virtually everyone lies about something – after all, there is almost no feasible way to check anything they say.

Unfortunately, there is no infallible way to understand whether a service or a writer is really British or not. Ideally, you should have an opportunity to see the examples of writer’s works and form your own opinion as to his or her nationality. In some services you may even get an outline of your future paper written by a particular writer before you pay anything – such cases are rare, but they give you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a writer – if you not only can see how the writer works, but how he works on a specific task you certainly can get a much clearer understanding of his capabilities and linguistic preferences.

And one final advice – even if you have found an unmistakably British writer, you should still check the final paper for Americanisms – it is quite possible that he simply imitates British English.