Tips & Recommendations on How to Do a Good Essay

Are you stuck with a last minute project? Of course, it is way easier to handle any academic assignment ahead of time. However, it’s in the blood of students to leave assignments until the last night before the day of submission. What kind of solution do they have? Nothing apart from pleading someone, “Oh, please, do my essay for me, I’m in trouble!” But before you start storming all custom writing services available online with desperate requests “I need to do my essay! SOS!”, we recommend you to follow the tips and recommendations provided for you below for free!

Make sure to get rid of all distractions! It’s way easier to handle any academic assignment when you can fully concentrate on it. All you are in need of – a laptop, enough light, the pencil/pen, the textbook and something from the class you may use in the process of work.

Get motivated! Do not be frustrated – the last minute project is possible to accomplish if try hard enough!

Develop the essay intro! Please, never provide serious definitions in an introductive part of the project. The start-up sentence is the most important one for it is the tone for the essay content and hooks up the reader’s attention. In case the first paragraph of your paper is close to perfect and the rest of the essay leaves much to be desired, you still have great chance to get an “A”! Make sure to work out the first essay line as you will develop the rest. Over-complicated phrases and words are taboo in case you have no idea what definitions stand behind them.

Come on – add on! What if you must expand the assignment you’ve got lengthwise? Time to go back and make search of the facts (sentences) that you could add up to the content. For instance, “John Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, according to the police facts” can be easily expanded and transformed into the following, “In accordance with the ten-month investigation performed by the Warren Commission in 1963-1964 concluded that John Kennedy was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald, who acted alone”. This sentence is almost twice as long as the one written above. Just imagine you doing the same transformation with every single sentence you generate in the essay. Nevertheless, you have to be careful and concentrated on the thesis statement of the essay – pointless additions will blur the topic of the paper. Moreover, most college tutors prefer students’ papers to be concise and up to the point.

Get armed with more information! You’re the 20th century member and you are welcome to make use of, Wiki, Google and the whole abundance of online material. Keep in your mind one thing – to err is human, which means all websites may include errors, and your task is to verify every piece of info you find on the web! When reading information – make sure to read slowly. Thus, you will be able to absorb every word related to your topic.

Coffee time! The very moment you feel like you get irritated in the process of writing – your productivity is kaput. In case you have time – take a break, enjoy a cup of coffee or watch a favorite TV program. But…MAKE SURE TO COME BACK!