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Strengths and Weaknesses: How Your Temperament Influences Your Studying

What is your temperament? Are you a people person? Or are you a lively, impulsive soul who yearns for adventure? Or perhaps you are a mix of both. Did you know that your temperament influences your ability to learn?

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates formulated four categories of human temperament based on the four elements and the four “senses of humor” of the body: Sanguine, Choleric, Phlegmatic, and Melancholic. Continue reading

How to Equally Succeed in All College Classes

College is a huge adjustment. Professors expect a lot from you than your high school teachers did. Plus, now that you live in a dorm full of friends, there are many distractions!

For some students, this combo is a recipe for disaster. But this doesn’t have to be you! Focus on these simple guidelines, and you can be a college success story. Continue reading

How to Write a Catchy Introduction for an Argumentative Essay?

write-an-introductionYour introduction is arguably (no pun intended!) the most important part of your essay. Your task here is to make your reader want to continue reading. That’s why it’s important to hook their attention, as well as provide a clear, concise roadmap of where your paper is going and why it matters.

Writing a strong and engaging introductory paragraph for your argumentative essay is not as hard as it seems. Here are a few simple pointers to put you in the right direction. Continue reading

How to Paraphrase the Sources Properly Not to Miss the Key Points?

paraphraseOne of the most important skills you can have as a student is paraphrasing. Why? Because it allows you to reference the key points of a source in your own words, avoiding plagiarism. To paraphrase effectively, you have to have a good understanding of the main points in the source text. Unlike quoting, in which you can cite your source word for word, paraphrasing requires a deep understanding of the main points. To paraphrase, you need excellent reading comprehension ability in addition to strong writing skills. Continue reading

How to Write Seminar Paper That Works Awesome



Before getting started we must define what the seminar paper actually is. Seminar paper is an advanced original research work which is usually presented during academic settings to the interested audience. Though this genre shares many features of its features with the usual research work, there are some fundamental differences one must consider in order to nail the genuine image of how to write seminar paper:
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How to Write a Report Paper for College

The first semester of education in college has the potential to raise a considerable number of questions for a freshman, one of which is how to write a report paper for college in a correct and decent manner. Aside from theoretical material provided on lectures, students are given a wide variety of practical tasks that are designed to test their skills and knowledge, familiarity with the course, as well as their ability to learn and conduct research. One of the most common tasks is writing a report paper. Therefore, one may conclude that gaining the knowledge of how to write a report paper for college is a crucial step for a student’s further academic success.

 corpus christi college, cambridge


One the main difficulties that new students may encounter during their first year of education is understanding the peculiarities of academic formatting requirements. A college report paper, just like any other form of academic work, has to be written in a peculiar manner while following strict requirements of the hosting educational establishment. The later may include requirements such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and other styles of formatting and citation. It is important for the work to be written with a formal tone and proper grammar, as well using third person voice only. Continue reading

How to Write a Hotel Review

The task how to write a hotel review initially may puzzle, yet, the knowledge of its writing guide assists in making it as simple as informative. Sharing own experience is always a challenge due to the fact that a person has to be good at sifting the information, possess some basic descriptive skills, and, actually, be honest to him/herself and the possible readers. Still, knowledge of how to write a hotel review provides with an opportunity to give some consumer opinion that could help travelers to resolve their accommodation issue.

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Informational Content

To begin with, writing a hotel review is not a school composition where one needs to use as much figurative language as possible. One should definitely care about the informational content of the review, using only those facts that could be useful and applicable for the future reader. Making a remark that a hotel was “nice” is too subjective and less valuable than the information about its location, service, and facilities. Being specific and providing more details are extremely important for the credibility of the hotel review. It is important to include such facts that the reader will not be able to find on the website of the hotel. Such information as the distance from the hotel to the main attractions or the opportunity to move in with a pet will be evidently practical and useful for travelers. Continue reading

How to Write an Opinion Essay

I've seen butterflies in my mindWhen it comes to an opinion essay, the first thing to keep in mind is that you’re dealing with the formal piece of writing. The project exists to prove your opinion on a topic that must be presented in a clear manner attached with a range of viewpoints supported by the examples or reasons. This should be provided within an introductory paragraph together with the opposing viewpoint given in the other paragraph. It is crucial to make sure your readers aren’t left guessing what your exact position on the matter is – stay clear from A to Z!

Use Simple 5-Paragraph Structure

A traditional 5-paragraph essay framework will work well for the opinion essay. You’ve definitely used it for the variety of academic projects already, which means there will be no problem with creating an A+ paper. If your writing skills keep up with the writing standards, your tutor will be happy to see a more complex and longer essay. However, using the five-paragraph structure for the essay is a good point to start with, especially if you don’t feel confident about your ability to complete a good paper.
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College Debate Clubs: Inclusive Debate with Diversity

brainstormingIn the times of nerds in white shirts and silly ties, the debating competitions were highly popular. Fortunately, things aren’t completely different nowadays. In colleges all over the globe, debate clubs are getting more and more popular again among all students’ groups.

There are tons of advantages for students attending the debating clubs, whether they decide to join the political club or the actual debate team. Among the advantages one should mention some of the following:

  • Debating is a great resource for practice in producing logical and strong arguments.
  • Debates are the right way to go if a college student needs some public speaking practice.
  • Debates help in developing leadership skills.
  • The research one should conduct to get ready for the debates can expand one’s mind, as well as provide a better understanding of important issues.

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How to Write a Group Essay

group essay writingCreating an essay is not always an individual process. During your studying you might be asked to take part in some good old group essay writing drill. Such assignments allow the participants to develop collaborative skills and group thinking through cooperation. Here are some tips for a successful team essay writing.

Before the Start

First of all, find individual strengths and weaknesses of every member. Everybody has various skills and talents, so identifying each group member’s strengths helps to maximise the team’s productivity. Continue reading