5 Tips for Placing a “Hot” Order

Most writing services place the orders received from the customers on a separate site, so that they can be seen and perused by the writers who work for them. It means that it is the writer who decides which tasks he or she is going to apply for and which he or she is going to let pass. Only if the assignment is in danger of being left unwritten the service may take measures and assign a particular writer to it – and even in this case writers may refuse. It means that when you place an order it is in your best interest to do it in a way that will attract good writers and not the ones who are desperate enough to take up any task. So, how are you supposed to do it?

1. Give as Comprehensive a Description as Possible

It is your assignment, and the fact that you’ve delegated it to another person doesn’t mean it is not your responsibility anymore. Give all the relevant information about the order: about your course and its specifics, the additional requirements, what your tutor likes and dislikes; specify word limit and formatting – in fact, anything you may think about. If there are additional sources of information to be used, and you have them at your disposal – don’t be lazy and upload them to the order. If you don’t have them but know what sources should be used – say where one can get them. The less the writer has to worry about non-writing problems, the faster you will get your order and the better it will be.

2. Write in Proper English

It is not a joke. A lot of students write order descriptions in horribly mangled English, making it a task fit for a cryptographer to decipher what the meaning of this or that phrase is. Remember – you are not talking with your friends in a chat or on a forum. If a writer has trouble understanding you, chances are he or she will move on to another client.

3. Avoid Placing Urgent Orders

It is not always possible, but it is preferable for you to place an order when you have quite a bit of time left, especially if the order is a large one. A lot of writers avoid dealing with urgent orders – they know that even if they are capable of completing it on time, there are always possible problems that may arise at the very last moment.

4. Make the Title as Informative as Possible

Don’t name it something like “An essay about biology”. Write what the topic is, or describe it, or at least give a general direction in which it is supposed to go.

5. Stay in Touch

After you’ve placed an order, try to stay online for as much as possible. Writers may ask questions to specify certain points, customer support may ask to add something to the description of your order and so on. If you check you mail rarely, you may miss a good opportunity.