How to Write a Group Essay

group essay writingCreating an essay is not always an individual process. During your studying you might be asked to take part in some good old group essay writing drill. Such assignments allow the participants to develop collaborative skills and group thinking through cooperation. Here are some tips for a successful team essay writing.

Before the Start

First of all, find individual strengths and weaknesses of every member. Everybody has various skills and talents, so identifying each group member’s strengths helps to maximise the team’s productivity.

Power Balance Is Essential

All the members should have equal authority to both writing and correcting the essay and equal level of responsibility for the work. When there is a lead writer, the potential of the paper is limited. Open discussions and idea mapping lead to productive contribution of all the participants. Although it seems to be a good idea to divide the paper into sections, so that each member would be responsible for a particular piece of work, try to avoid such concept. It may be more difficult to work together on all sections of the paper, however, such approach can deeply increase the quality of the essay.

Start with Ideas

A good collaborative work starts with brainstorming. All group members create a list of ideas, everybody should take part in this process to generate as much ideas as possible. Every single suggestion should be equally overviewed, even if it seems inappropriate, no ideas should be denied. Don’t forget to discuss the goal of the essay. After that ideas are organised in an outline, which can be used as a framework. Arrange them according to their relevance to the goal of the entire work.

Make Research

Now it’s time for a proper research. Study the topic as deep as possible. In this case it is better to divide this task among the participants. Then meet again to discuss the findings with other members and to make a new map of ideas on how to use the new information in your work. Discuss the sections and how your research can change the main point of the paper. Develop a significant and clear structure.

Writing Process

At this point you are ready to start writing. Modern online tools and resources can be helpful for your group to write and edit documents, if you cannot meet often. If the paper is very long, some members can draft certain parts. But don’t forget that everybody is equally responsible for the whole essay, not a particular section.

Read Your Essay

After the group essay writing work is complete every participant should read the whole draft of your essay. The point is to find, if this draft follows the structure and leads to the main goal. There may be rough transitions or some sections may need more sources. Meet again to talk out any thoughts, which were left after reading.
Work through the differences in style and tone, so the paper becomes cohesive and fluid. If there are different points of view, discuss pros and cons of every member’s approach until you reach an agreement.