Great Admission Essay Examples or How to Become the #1 in a Class!

As the seniors at high schools all over the world are pretty hard at dealing with the admission essays, let’s get familiar with some great essay examples on what you can dedicate your admission paper to.

  1. 1.      What outrages you?

The representatives of the admission board are looking for a direct and particular answer to the question above. Genocide? Make sure to develop your thoughts and ideas clear enough for admissions officers. The majority of college admission board members claim they are striving to know the real inside of you and no one else can demonstrate your inner world better than you.

  1. Produce a limerick, a haiku or just a several lines poem that will represent you the best.

Hmmm… Here’s where you have an opportunity to sparkle with all creativity that is hidden inside you! Admission essays are pretty stressful, please, do not do that – the titles can transfer what is on your mind.

  1. Just like the “Zager and Evans” sang “In the year 2525…”

Imagine there’s a famous film-maker in the future who is dreaming to create a real motion picture dedicated to your life lines. Write your admission essay about what kind of name your movie would have and briefly sum up the whole storyline. Admission board individuals are passionate about asking applicants really funny questions in order to somehow ease the stress students have to get through while applying to the higher educational establishment.

  1. What is all this for?

There’s an example of speech essay in which the student is trying to answer one of the key questions the high school seniors usually face while working on the admission essay – what is college for? The question is pretty simple but the answers are absolutely different. Make sure the one you give is the answer that admission board experts will remember once and again as the days go by.

  1. Being a Nostradamus

Try to make some sort of a prediction for the year 2525 that no other human being has ever come up with. Who knows, maybe down-to-earth thoughts provided in a simple admission essay will come true one day.

  1. 6.      You’ve just written the last line of your 450-page bibliography…

This somewhat unusual topic was pretty popular in the 1980’s, but a lot of colleges around the world have adopted it and, what’s more, they successfully assign it to students even in the XXI century. So, once you switch on your imagination, visualize the story – let’s say, you must submit only page 246. What kind of life events will be discussed in there? Will you be the person you are now or there will be someone, who is the other (better/worse) you? Imagine…