Breaking Bad: When a Writing Service Refuses to Give You a Refund

Almost always, when you visit a writing service, you see a promise of a full refund in case anything goes wrong or something along the same lines – an all-too-readily given promise, as it turns out. When it comes to actually getting a refund, you may encounter complete unwillingness of the service to meet your demands. So, what are you supposed to do in such situation?

Be Careful in Your Choice of a Service

It is somewhat obvious and, in your situation, probably a little bit belated piece of advice, but still. In order to avoid problems in future, don’t deal with services that are fuzzy on the details about their refund policy. Don’t place orders with services that look like a yet another outlet of a generic Indian essay empire. Preferably, work with services that were recommended by some friends you can trust.

If a service refuses to give you a refund, and if you feel like you are in the right, there isn’t much you can do legally. The very nature of this business presupposes that no matter how well-established a writing agency may be, it still is a somewhat shady venture. Even if you manage to start some legal proceedings, it is likely to cause you more harm than it is worth.

However, there are some ways to get your money back.

How to Get Your Money Back

If a writing service goes back on its word and refuses to provide a refund in case it clearly should give you one, your best chance to get your money back is to contact your credit card company and start a chargeback procedure. Important note – don’t believe them if they say that your refund is coming and ask to wait for several weeks – it is normally done much faster. They only ask you to wait so that more time passes before you ask for a chargeback – and the longer it takes you to do so, the lesser is probability of your credit card company validating your request. It is a good idea to save the logs of your chats or make screenshots of them, so that you can show them to your credit card issuer when you ask for a chargeback.

If you used PayPal to pay for the service, then start a dispute via the PayPal website and describe your grievance as “Product not sent”. PayPal representatives will contact you and, if until the end of a predetermined time period the service cannot prove that they have provided you with the product you have bought, you will receive your money back, and the service will have additional trouble using their PayPal in future.

And one tip that is universal – whichever payment method you have used and whatever the customer support of the service in question says, don’t agree to wait. Try to get your refund as soon as possible – the longer you wait before taking measures, the greater is the possibility of them getting away with their mischief.