5 Free Analogs of Writing Tools That Companies Use When Crafting Papers

Words are hard to find. That’s the sad reality.

As a writer, you may be working harder and harder every single day, but the thing is – you can’t produce a high-quality content, no matter how much you try, without special writing tools available on the web. Have no fear, you won’t need to search for the available free tools here and there online. We are here to lend you a helping hand by providing you with top 5 free analogs of writing tools that you should definitely add to your toolboxes.

1. LiveScribe Pen

Does inspiration find you in your daily life? You may prefer to write your ideas down on a piece of paper, but how often do you forget where you’ve actually put them? There’s a great solution for your trouble! The LiveScribe Pen uses Bluetooth tech in order to send the notes to the user directly to his or her mobile device. All your pen strokes will be properly recorded, and you are free to print them all using a laser printer. The tool also captures audio, which means you can dictate your notes as well.

2. Grammarly

If you’re stuck on the grammar island, Grammarly will be there to take you away from there! This simple tool checks not only grammar but the punctuation, spelling, and so on. You won’t have to pay for the options, while an opportunity to check your writing for some serious mistakes will be there for you. Mind that there’s also a paid service – Grammarly Premium – that enables one to check the written content for a wider assortment of mistakes, highlight plagiarized parts, etc.

3. Twords

Meet the app that will be regularly nudging you to write! The tool will let you know when you haven’t written for a long while, which means you’ll be able to see when you’re writing more versus less, etc. To add more, Twords includes excellent web resources like the articles library that will help you to progress with your own writing.

4. Headline Analyzer

This simple tool is used to break down the headline in order to part various types of words as well as to provide you with the required recommendations on how to make it sound better. Using Headline Analyzer, you have an opportunity to check different headline combinations and choose the one that truly rocks.

5. Ilys

If you’re among those who appear to be too precious over the paper first draft, it’s good to know you’ve got Ilys! The user is required to set the exact work limit. Once you begin to type, the screen will flash up one typed letter at a time. You will be able to see what you’ve typed, as well as review and edit the text, only when you exceed the word number that you have set at first.

It’s cool to know that today, unlike the cavemen times, we have a huge array of writing tools that the improved technology has brought into our life. Whether you’re a college student struggling with academic writing productivity, or a professional writer with a need for good words, there’s always an online tool for you!