Placing the First Order Safely: Rules for Newbies

The first essay you buy from a writing service is always a problem – not only you have to deal with an agency you have never bought anything from, but you don’t know what to look for as well. Here are some tips that will, hopefully, make this experience less troublesome.

Make Sure the Chosen Service is Trustworthy

It is quite hard to define whether this or that service is to be trusted, but some signs may steer you in the right direction.

For example, not all services that claim to be offering full refunds in case something goes wrong actually follow through with their promise. Some are outright scam sites, others are simply very unwilling to give your money back, but if the service states outright that it doesn’t provide refunds under any circumstances, it is probably a good idea to steer clear from it. Some of them offer to give you credits for future orders instead of refunds, but what good are they? Are you really going to try again the same service that wasn’t able to help you the first time?

Try to contact the service via the phone presented on the site. If nobody answers you or, even worse, the number is nonexistent – don’t deal with them.

Study the terms and conditions and look for tricky parts dealing with refunds and suchlike. If the service is obviously vague about such things – avoid it.

If a service accepts payments in increments, allowing you to pay as the writer completes more and more parts of your assignment – it is a very good sign.

Placing an Order

So, you have chosen a service and wonder how you should place an order. The process is usually quite intuitive – by the way, if it is not, it is a yet another reason to look for another service. There are, however, some precautions you should take.

First of all, don’t think that if you are asking somebody else to do your work for you, you are not going to write anything at all. You have to write the guidelines for the writer – to describe the order, in other words. And you should do it in as detailed as possible. Your course, the things your tutor pays special attention to, what sources should be used, what is the citing style and so on. If you have additional materials that should be used in the process of writing – scan and upload them or, if they are available online, give direct links to them. In other words – think about all the ways you can make the writer’s task easier. It is in your best interest to supply him with resources – after all, he writes for you and it is your academic career that is at stake.

If after placing the order you have remembered some additional information – add it to the order immediately, it will save you and the writer a lot of time.

In other words – don’t forget that, although you have delegated it to somebody, it is still your task.