Evaluating Online Writing Services: How to Choose the Best One

When it comes to choosing an online writing service in order to do your assignment, every student wishes to find the one he or she can trust. The problem is, one often needs to find such an agency at short notice, and there are not many chances to check beforehand whether what the service claims is true or not. Here are some tips that, hopefully, will help you make the right choice.

Check whether this Service is Different from Others

At first glance it may look like there are dozens if not hundreds of writing services out there. This impression is deceptive – if you dig a little bit deeper you will find out that the same service may use ten, twenty or more sites. The resemblance is not always striking, but it is there: the prices are similar, the design is interchangeable, the names are generic, disclaimers contain the same passages, people with the same names work in the customer support.

Now think – will a legitimate writing service try to pass for a dozen different companies? If the service does its job well, it will try to boost its reputation by making its name recognizable and changing it into a brand. Certainly it won’t try to dilute the impression it leaves by spreading itself among a dozen websites.

So try and look for a service that doesn’t have a dozen “twins”.

Talk to Support Members

Another way to get a real impression about a service is to have a chat with its support members. Although not necessarily, but the way it is organized and the way the service treats its customers usually says a lot about the company in general. If support members take too much time to answer simple questions, avoid giving direct and clear answers, speak rudely or in mangled English, which means it is obviously their second language – it may be not the best idea in the world to deal with them at all.

Look at the Prices

Although it can’t be said that what is more expensive is always better, especially in this business, if a service sets ridiculously low fees it is probably better to avoid it. Think for yourself: it is not all that easy to write a good academic text (for some reason you don’t want to do it, right?), it requires special skills, a lot of experience and time invested in acquiring it. Can you believe somebody actually skilled will write a college-level assignment for $5 per page?

Also keep in mind that the writer usually gets far less than what is stated in the service’s price list.

Ask Around

The best way to find a good service, when all is said and done, is via the word of mouth. Ask your friends, relatives and acquaintances whom you trust: have they ever hired a writer? Where and when? What was the result? A recommendation from a friend costs a hundred links found on forums.